Dorothy Seabourne and Her Silver Ghost

Dorothy Seabourne's I Did, You Can Too_BookCoverMany people start to slow down as they age; it is a simple fact of life that during the years we are alive, with every breath we take, we are slowly (hopefully) marching towards the grave. Don’t let that depress you, it is just the inescapable result of being alive – a philosopher once said that fearing death makes about as much sense as fearing birth, both are inevitable and unavoidable.

One of the better overall ways to look at this is to see it as the limited time you have to enjoy this world and to use that as motivation to get out and do just that – live. That’s how Dorothy Seabourne seems to understand it; at 70-years-young (yes, I wrote that), and a member of the historic Motor Maids organization, she is out on her own 2005 Honda Gold Wing showing the rest of us what living looks like.

Seabourne decided that her life would be a wonderful inspiration for others who can’t seem to get themselves out of their sedentary and fearful mindset, so she wrote and self-published I Did, You Can Too ($20, Trafford Publishing). In the collection of short stories, Seabourne lets her readers hear some of the amazing stories she has lived through on her many journeys. She has toured all over Canada, the United States and Europe in her 30 years of riding, has amassed over 800,000 kilometers on seven different bikes, and has some incredible experiences to relate.

The idea for the book came to her as she would ride around and get regularly questioned about her choice of transport and the life she has lived while riding it. Most everyone would be startled when she would pull up on her Silver Ghost, pull off her helmet and expose her well-coiffed whiteMotor Maids emblem hair.

Seabourne’s purpose is in putting forth the idea that if you have a dream, or you want to see or do something, you should go out and make it real – don’t sit back and let the world pass you by. Of course, this message is directed squarely at those of the female gender as it is to them that she speaks. But, anyone can see that confidence is the primary idea Seabourne wishes to inspire, and that has no gender.

Maybe many people take the time we have here on Earth for granted, maybe not. But one thing we know for certain, Dorothy Seabourne doesn’t, and she is trying to teach others that they shouldn’t either. At least now the next time you get passed on your favorite backroad by a svelte woman on a pearly white Honda Gold Wing with ‘lots of chrome,’ you won’t be so surprised to see Seabourne dismounting her Silver Ghost at the next gas stop.

Dorothy Seabourne’s I Did, You Can Too is available here.

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