Motorcycle/Snowmobile Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets by Vega

If you have kids who love outdoor motorsports then we have an affordable, safe, versatile and stylish helmet that you need to check out. The Vega Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets are available with a street shield for riding motorcycles and also have two options for snowmobile riding. So you can buy one helmet with a variety of shields to cover all the riding your kids want to do!

Lets cover the basics of this youth helmet first so you can see how you can keep your kids protected. Constructed with a thermoplastic shell that has been created for riders with smaller head sizes, these helmets all meet or exceed the US DOT standard FMVSS218. The interior liners have been designed to fit into any of the helmets so they will give you a precise fit for added safety. Made of a 100% Wick Dri material, the interchangeable liners are comfy and will keep their heads dry. And for maximum air flow all the helmets have vents strategically placed in the chin, cheek, forehead and back to keep them cool if it gets warm out. Continue reading Motorcycle/Snowmobile Mach 2.0 Jr Youth Helmets by Vega

Vega Insight Full Face Helmets in Solid or Razor Graphics

Are you looking for a full face helmet that has it all but it still easy on your wallet? Then check out the Vega Insight Helmets. Safety rated by the US DOT standard FMVSS 218 as well as the European ECE 22.05 standard you can get all the protection you need at an affordable price.

One of the best things about this full face motorcycle helmet is that it has a removable/replaceable smoke tinted interior drop down visor so you don’t have to wear sunglasses. If you prefer a light smoke or amber tinted visor they are available as replacements also. The outer shield of both the Vega Insight Solid Helmet and the Razor version are optically correct, clear and can be placed in six positions, plus if you decide you want more out of your shield, the replacements are available in nine options which includes tinted, mirrored and anti-fog. Continue reading Vega Insight Full Face Helmets in Solid or Razor Graphics

New 2013 Arai Corsair V Isle of Man TT Helmet : Limited Edition – Video Review

Updated June 4, 2013 : Graphics Review for 2013 Arai Corsair V Isle of Man TT Helmet


March 2013 : Pre-Release
Arai Helmets are growing their Isle of Man TT Helmet selection with the unveiling of their 2013 Isle of Man design.

The New Arai Corsair V – Isle of Man TT Helmet – 2013 IOM Limited Edition brings you a very clean looking motorcycle helmet with the protection of an Arai Helmet. The 2013 version for the Isle of Man looks like a champion blend between the Isle of Man TT 2011 and Isle of Man TT 2012 graphics to create a finely tuned exterior appearance. Check out some of the past designs for Arai Isle of Man Helmets.



Arai Corsair V – Isle of Man TT Helmet – 2012
–check out our Arai Corsair V- Isle of Man TT 2012 – Review




Arai Isle of Man 2011


Arai Corsair V – Isle of Man TT Helmet – 2011
–check out our Arai Corsair V – Isle of Man TT 2011 – Review 




Arai Isle of Man 2010 (Europe)




Arai RX-7 – Isle of Man TT Helmet – 2010 (Europe)



As of right now, the only 2013 color option we know of is from the pre-production photo is the yellow helmet you see at the top. The pre-production photo shows an awesome looking graphic decked out in fine black lines, on a white background, accented by a good looking yellow filler. It would be awesome to see Arai release these helmets in a few different colors to match your Red Hondas and Blue GSX-Rs, but only time will tell.

Arai makes some of the best helmets on the market. The Arai Corsair V Helmet is the successor to extremely successful RX-7 Corsair Helmet. With the Corsair V you get a helmet built for speed. These Track-Excited and Race-Tamed head protectors take you to the next notch with a salivating taste for High-Speed / High Octane play time. This makes the Isle of Man graphic, perfectly suited to hold a spot on the exterior of the Corsair V.

The Isle of Man Races started in the early 1900s and have remained relatively the same throughout its 100+ year existence. The Classic TT began in 1911 and consisted of 37 1/2 (changed to 37 ¾) miles of public roads that have hosted several great motorcycle races and has featured some of the best riders around the world. This makes borrowing the Isle of Man TT, to name an Arai Corsair V Helmet, a first-place combination. Below is the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course; 1911-1914 & 1990-present.


Arai Corsair V Helmets are aerodynamically built for superior speed and protection. With superior speed and protection, comes the superior price tag. The Isle of Man TT 2013 Helmet has a retail of just under a grand which, in features and rarity, they should worth every penny of that to those of you that can afford it. Not many people will own these great looking helmets. If you can fork over the dough, you won’t be disappointed with any Arai Corsair V Helmets and we expect the 2013 Isle of Man version to be a nice grab. Have any question about these helmets? Drop us a line or give us a call. Our highly knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have. A graphics Video Review is soon to come.

For The Zombie Lovers: Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet Graphic

The Walking Dead. Zombies. Brains, Blood, and Gore. Do I have your attention yet? Well, if I don’t, this new helmet graphic from Icon will. The Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet has been given a wickedly eye catching graphic. The design consists of a screaming skull with soul-less eyes, a ‘Jason-type’ figure wielding a chainsaw, and enough gushing blood to make Quentin Tarantino blush. Clearly, this helmet is not for the faint of heart. Oh, and did I mention,…it glows in the dark!; meaning people will see this mobile terror day or night! This definitely ain’t your momma’s helmet, but if chainsaws and madness is your thing, pick up the Icon Airmada Chainbrain Helmet! To learn more about the Chainbrain, The Icon Airmada Helmet, and other Icon gear, check out our website:!

Side View
It Glows!!!

Speed & Strength SS1100 Helmet

When a helmet has been designed by a pro, it’s gotta be good right?! Who else would know more about what a rider is looking for in their gear besides an actual rider? Well, Speed & Strength has added to their all new helmet line up, a full face lid that has been designed by professional racer, Rickey Gadson. The Speed & Strength SS1100 helmet is loaded with some great features, and tricked out with some killer graphics. The SS1100 has an ATPA (Advanced Thermo Poly Alloy) shell, for lighter weight, increased impact resistance; and it also meets/exceeds DOT & ECE 22-05 standards. The interior of the helmet is made from a Cool-core, removable, washable, moisture wicking fabric, that will help keep the rider dry and comfortable. For ventilation, Speed and Strength has incorporated their ‘Airstrike’ Direct Course Ventilation System; which has strategically placed intake vents, as well as integrated cooling channels in the EPS liner to provide max airflow. If you ever need to replace your shield, the ‘Lock N’ Load’ shield replacement system has a quick release lever allowing for quick, easy, tool-less shield changes. The face-shield itself has been made with an ‘All Clear Sight System’ which makes it optically correct, anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV resistant. The SS1100 comes in solids, as well as plenty of great graphics including:


-Speed & Strength SS1100 Moto Mercenary
-Speed & Strength SS1100 Flower Power
-Speed & Strength SS1100 62 Motorsports
-Speed & Strength SS1100 Stars and Stripes
















For more information about the SS1100 helmet, other Speed and Strength gear, or to see our wide selection of full face helmets, checkout our website:!