The BMW Fire Bike Makes Its Debut

Written by Taryn Kukucka

Courtesy of Wednesday, 04 August 2010 09:09

fire_rideOk, I feel like I’m beating a dead topic here, but there are a good amount of people that are pretty concerned about “going green.” No this isn’t another electric bike…this is something far cooler. A motorcycle firefighter…they save on gas, time, and can prevent a small fire from becoming destructive.

This firefighting bike is a BMW RT 1200 and boasts a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke boxer engine. With two 25-liter water tanks and a 30-meter hose that sprays special fire-retardant foam, the motorcycle was designed to tackle smaller fires. Two water tanks obviously can’t do the job that a fire truck is positioned to do, but they can get to the sight of a fire before the flames spread. Small fires can still damage property and grow which is why many fire departments are turning to this new concept as a solution to managing pesky fires that don’t require a lot of man-power. Not to mention how much money departments will save on gas since they currently send the large trucks to fight even the smallest fire.

The BMW RT 1200 firefighter is making its way around the world, but is currently at the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service in England. The Rescue Service will undergo a six-month feasibility trial with two of the bikes. Seems like a simple idea, but it makes you wonder why no one thought of it sooner. People are finally starting to take notice of all the positive things motorcycles have to offer…who needs four wheels anyway.