Yamaha FZ8R Photos Leaked

fz8rYamaha’s FZ8 has just recently made the journey over the pond to the United States, but now Yamaha could be releasing an updated version of the FZ8. The FZ8R.

Not much is known about the FZ8R, besides the fact that it exists. The FZ8R will be a sportier version of the FZ8, and probably won’t see American soil until 2012 if it ever does. Motoclismo reports that the FZ8R is an updated version of the naked French version of the FZ8, and will only be available in France.

So why the new model? Yamaha has stiff competition in the European market bikes like Kawasaki’s Z750R and Triumph’s Street Triple R. It’s likely that Yamaha want’s to compete directly with those bikes, and believes it has a better chance with the FZ8R.

The FZ8R supposedly has a little more weight than it’s naked counterpart, weighing in at about 485 pounds. The FZ8R is expected to have an 800cc engine that was modeled off of the 1000cc engine of the FZ1.

Yamaha hasn’t made anything official about the FZ8R yet.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com