Electric Motorcycle Market Grows With Volta Entry

VoltaThe electric motorcycle market is small, but growing. In 2012, eco-conscious bikers will get to choose from an expanding lineup, which now includes an entry from Volta.

Zero and Brammo are currently the industry leaders in the EV motorcycle segment. But Volta will bring some healthy competition to the market. Volta’s BCN motorcycle will reportedly have a 40 mile range, which puts it on the same level as Zero as Brammo.

But the competition won’t be direct at first. The Volta MCN will first be available in Spain in 2012 and will eventually move across the pond and into other international markets. The Volta, which will be unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan next week, is expected to have a price tag of about $10,000.

The Volta will be available in three models, the Sport, City, and My Volta. The My Volta will be a highly customizable model which will allow users to add their own personal touches. Details about My Volta aren’t available, but a customizable electric motorcycle could pose the biggest threat to companies like Brammo and Zero.

Here’s a promotional video for the Volta.