The Futuristic Biona Concept

Jordi Poblet Pedrol's Biona conceptElectric motorcycles are encroaching into just about every area of the motorcycle industry, from the tiny electro-scooter, through the ultra-trick electric dirt bike, and even into gasoline-powered club level racing – where one recently stood on the podium. The technology surrounding these vehicles is improving just as quickly as this expansion, and the motors, batteries and controller units advance with alarming speed.

Some quantum leaps have been made, but most of the advance is steady forward progress. When moving forward technologically, as when riding, it is often a good idea to see where you are going. This is the domain of the design concept, and developing such a vehicle is a way to explore the realm of what is, or can become, possible.

And, the electric motor allows a flexibility in motorcycle design which has not been seen since the purpose-built frame replaced the bicycle. Spanish ‘man-must-be-from-the-future’ Jordi Poblet Pedrol has created the Biona precisely to make us think of those possibilities, and to make us rethink what we really need in an electric motorcycle.

The Biona concept uses wood as a primary component in its construction, along with significant amounts of metal and plastic. It is powered by set of small batteries, each of which is designed to easily fit in a pocket. A very clever innovation is the base stand which usesJordi Poblet Pedrol's Biona concept induction to recharge the batteries while holding the machine securely in place. To save some of that power while away from home, the Biona is equipped with a full LED illumination system – headlight, tail light, etc. – which is both durable and miserly with electrons.

One easily noticed issue is the literally wooden seat. If the Biona were to reach production – not very likely, unfortunately – that would need to change before it is declared a human rights violation. Some way to accommodate storage would also be a welcome addition; up under that seat is a suitable spot for a removable bag or similar.

Jordi Poblet Pedrol’s Biona is a valid vision of where the industry is capable of going, and one which should be seen by any who design as a vocation. Though it may never see a manufacturing line, the Biona will hopefully find someone to champion its unique take on what the future may hold for the roads of tomorrow.

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