If you can turn you’re not going fast enough

Ducati749DragBike Pull up to the line and do your burnout, smoke surrounds you as the burnout is completed. Roll forward and stage in the trap, your heart rate climbs as you anticipate the tree sequence. The lights go through the sequence and you time the lights perfectly and get holes hot that put you out in front of the competition. Eight and a half seconds later your run is complete, you hit 170 mph in under a quarter mile on a 749 Ducati.

This scenario is not fiction as Todd Patterson and Wayne Patterson of Ducati Bunberry in Australia have built this motorcycle. The Patterson brothers are no strangers to building Ducati’s with the horsepower get launch them down the quarter mile at this pace.

Ducat749DragBike-2 Known for building the world’s fastest 2 valve Ducati based on a Ducati 900 Super Sport that is turbocharged and produces 200 plus horsepower this project was a challenge that Todd and Wayne would tackle.

The Ducati 749 in stock form produces around 105 HP but with the work the bother have put into their motorcycle the machine will now produce in the area of 168 HP. This amazing power has been achieved with the addition of a turbo charger to the motorcycle and many hours of work and tuning.

I have been told by motorcycle drag racers “If you can turn you are not going fast enough”, this Ducati 749 should not have a problem with the speed and power this amazing machine can put to the ground.

Written by John campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com