16 Nationalities to Line Up on the World Supersport Grid

World_Supersport_gridThe World Supersport series is one of the most diverse racing series on the planet. This year, there will be 29 riders representing 16 different nationalities on the World Supersport grid.

But the grid isn’t the only thing that is diverse about the World Supersport series. In 2011, the WSS will travel to 10 different countires during the 2011 season, giving the majority of riders an opportunity to race in front of their home crowds.

Italy will be visited three times during the 2011 season, which will be much appreciated by the 7 Italian riders racing this year. Luca Scassa, Robert Tamburini, Vittorio Iannuzu, Michele Conti, Massimo Roccoli, Luca Marconi, and Danilo Dell’Omo will be racing with the Italian flag this year.

There will also be a high number of Brits riding during the WSS series. Gino Rea, Sam Lowes, Chaz Davies and James Ellison will be getting home track advantage at the two Brittish rounds at Donnington Park and Silverstone.

France, Australia, Hungary, and Rusia will all have two riders on the grid. Florian Marino and Fabien Foret for France, Broc Parkes and Mitchell Pirotta for Australia, Balasz Nemeth and Imre Toth for Hungary, and Eduard Blokhin and Oleg Pozdneev for Russia.

Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, and the Ukraine will also have one rider on the grid.

The World Supersport will make its annual trip to the United States for a round at Miller Motorsports Park, but there won’t be a rider representing the USA in this years WSS series.

The World Supersport series will begin on February 27th at Phillip Island.

Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com