XR 1200 Results: Rapp Takes Pole at Daytona

steve_rappSteve Rapp took the first pole position of the 2011 AMA XR 1200 season at the Daytona International Speedway today.

Rapp was fastest during both qualifying sessions, earning the pole position at Q2 with a 2.07.99 lap time. Rapp was the only rider to break the 2.08 barrier. Following Rapp around the track was Chris Fillmore, who finished .7 seconds behind the pace setter.

David Estok came across the line next, followed by Kyle and Travis Wyman.

XR 1200 Results – 2nd Qualifying – Daytona

  1. Steve Rapp
  2. Chris Fillmore
  3. David Estok
  4. Kyle Wyman
  5. Travis Wyman
  6. Michael Beck
  7. Charlie Long
  8. Scott Russell
  9. Paul James
  10. Paul Schwemmer

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AMA Daytona Sportbike Results: DiSalvo Takes Provisional Pole

Jason_DiSalvoThe AMA Daytona Sportbike season has finally begun, and Jason DiSalvo is leading the way. DiSalvo took the provisional pole today at the Daytona International Speedway, beating out Jake Zemke and Jake Holden.

DiSalvo set a 1’51.422 lap time today at the first qualifying session for the Daytona Sportbike riders, beating out Zemke by more than a half of a second. Holden finished nearly a second behind the lap setter on a cold morning in Florida.

Danny Eslick took the fourth place spot, before PJ Jacobsen brought the third Ducati across the line in fifth.

A pair of Kawasakis, riden by JD Beach and Fernando Amantini, came across the line next, before Josh Herrin, Dane Westby, and Tommy Aquino rounded out the top 10.

As the day heats up, so will the lap times. The Sportbike riders will take to the Daytona track for the second qualifying session later today.

2011 AMA Daytona Sportbike Results – Qualifying 1 – Daytona

  1. Jason DiSalvo
  2. Jake Zeke
  3. Jake Holden
  4. Danny Eslick
  5. PJ Jacobsen
  6. JD Beach
  7. Fernando Amantini
  8. Josh Herrin
  9. Dane Westby
  10. Tommy Aquino

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AMA Supersport Qualifying Results: Thornton Takes First Pole Position of Seasonama racing, ama supersport, daytona, daytona international speedway, miles thornton

Miles_ThorntonA cold morning limited the lap times set by the AMA Supersport riders this morning at the Daytona International Speedway. Miles Thornton’s Thursday lap time of remained the fastest, earning Thornton the first pole position of the 2011 Supersport season.

Thornton was the only rider to dip below the 1’55 mark, setting a 1’54.888 lap time during the first qualifying session.

Hayden Gillim, Stefano Mesa, Tomas Puerta, and David Gaviria also scored their best lap times during the first qualifying session on Thursday, earning the first five spots on the grid for The Daytona 200 tomorrow. .

Dustin Dominguez and James Rispoli were two riders who were able to improve their lap times from the opening session. Dominguez was the quickest rider on Friday, earning him a 6th place starting position tomorrow. Rispoli also put in a quick lap on Friday, finishing 2nd for the day and 7th overall.

The last three riders to finish inside the top 10 are Benny Solis, Eric Stump, and Emerson Conor.

AMA Supersport – Daytona – Combined Qualifying Results

  1. Miles Thornton
  2. Hayden Gillim
  3. Stefano Mesa
  4. Tomas Puerta
  5. David Gaviria
  6. Dustin Dominguez
  7. James Rispoli
  8. Benny Solis
  9. Eric Stump
  10. Emerson Conor

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Competition Accessories will be at the Daytona 200 Races on March 10-12, 2011

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Breakfast With Buell: Erik Buell to Speak at Annual Daytona Breakfast Fundraiser

buell_racing_logoErik Buell will be joining the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame at the 23rd annual fundraiser breakfast at the Daytona International Speedway. Buell will be speaking about his experience in the motorcycle industry, and will also be signing autographs with other hall of famers.

Buell, who founded Buell Motorcycles nearly two decades ago, is still a driving force in the motorcycle industry. Buell Motorcycles stopped producing motorcycles in 2009, but Buell still continues to innovate with his Buell Racing Team. Buell will be talking about his 20 plus years in the motorcycle industry, as well as his thoughts on the future.

“For me, motorcycling has always been about the journey, about the people, about the ideas behind the machines, and it will be great to connect with enthusiasts at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Breakfast at Daytona fundraiser,” Buell said. “And who knows? I may have a surprise or two to announce by then.”

The fundraising breakfast at Daytona will be on Friday, March 11, at a new location inside the Daytona 500 Club. There will be a silent auction on items related to the Hall of Fame, as well as an autograph signing session with Buell and other Motorcycle Hall of Famers.

“Erik Buell is a Hall of Famer not only for his innovative and dogged pursuit of motorcycling excellence, but also because the bikes he build were evocative and impressive enough to earn one of the most passionate fan bases in all of motorcycling,” said Jeff Heininger, chairman of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation. “Few people have Erik’s perspective on the parts of America’s motorcycle history that are still being written today, and I, for one, can’t wait to hear what he has to say.”

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