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Looking for a used motorcycle will soon become easier for many out there thanks to the work of instaVIN. This useful service will provide title, salvage, insurance, and possibly more information on almost any used motorcycle simply based on the bike’s VIN. Now, for a limited time, instaVIN Vehicle History and Title Reports will be available to customers and dealers using

instaVIN is…

instaVIN is a service which can be used by both those looking to buy a used bike, so as to protect themselves, and those wishing to sell a used bike, so as to attract more customers. It provides detailed DMV title information and vehicle history reports which include any data available on a used motorcycle, including such things as a junk or salvage title designation or an insurance total loss record. instaVIN has a very broad reach and thus supports both modern and vintage motorcycles, passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, and even RVs.

instaVIN primary purposeinstaVIN Sample Report

Not every vehicle in every region will be found within the records to which instaVIN has access, and the company will not charge you should that be the case. However, the database accessed by the instaVIN system is continually expanding and is the same reference point used by such services as CARFAX and AutoCheck. The primary focus of the instaVIN service is to spot the absolute worst of the worst before you, or any of their customers, become a victim of a crime by purchasing a misrepresented motorcycle.

Other instaVIN services

Not only does instaVIN do their comprehensive vehicle reports, they also provide other important services for both vehicle sellers and buyers. A complete Bill of Sale Document is available for legal protection and peace of mind for when a sale or purchase is being completed between private parties (no dealers involved). And, instaVIN’s Vehicle Valuator service can give you an estimated valuation of any covered vehicle specific to your region of the country.

Advantage instaVIN

The one aspect of the service provided by instaVIN which should appeal to many out there in the market for a used motorcycle is the price. For the buyer, the cost for one report is only $6.99, and five reports can be purchased for $24.99 if the buyer is looking at multiple machines. Dealers and those who sell large numbers of motorcycles throughout the year can contact instaVIN and get a better deal on bulk instaVIN reports. and instaVIN together

instaVIN Sample PageFor a limited time, though the duration is not specified, will be displaying a link to purchase an instaVIN vehicle history report for every covered motorcycle on the website. The instaVIN link will also be listed in the resource section and other related areas of In this way, anyone on the hunt for that perfect summer two-wheeler will have the opportunity to make sure they are not being sold a ‘lightly used’ bike which turns out to be a salvage titled insurance write-off. instaVIN will stop that cold.

The match between instaVIN and could not be better, and it would not be surprising to see the service expand into other areas of the “” website family. It is about time that motorcycle buyers had some of the modern advantages which people in the market for cars take for granted, don’t you think? Now we have instaVIN to provide us with a little extra confidence that a nightmare is not about to begin when we and our hard-earned money over for that long sought after two-wheeled dream.

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