CRP Expands on TTXGP Effort for 2011

CRP Racing TTXGP Euro Champion Rider BrannettiCRP Racing put on one incredible show last year in the TTXGP European Championship by winning the overall constructor’s and rider’s championships, and they wrapped up the year by coming in second place at the TTXGP Final in Albacete, Spain. After all was said and done, however, CRP was not happy to settle for the second step on the podium at the final. No, CRP wants to take the overall TTXGP Championship in 2011, and they plan to work towards that with their new race program and their new electric motorcycle, the eCRP 1.4.

The big changes for 2011 involve the electric vehicle with which CRP has been challenging the TTXGP competition. Last year’s eCRP 1.2 has been thoroughly updated with the latest in technical knowledge gained from racing, research and development. The eCRP 1.4 gains new DC motors, a new and better electronic dash providing even more data, an advanced CAN-bus controller system with advanced data acquisition, and a high-end WINDFORM 2.0 LX cooling system giving the motor better performance by keeping it from overheating.

Given the two new class structures in the TTXGP Championship, TTX75 and the Open TTXGP, CRP believes their eCRP 1.4 is well-suited to the TTX75, but will also remain competitive in the Open class. However, it will not just be the CRP Racing team racing the eCRP 1.4 – the company has arranged a special “Fly and Drive” program for anyone who can provide the fee. CRP Racing eCRP 1.2

“Fly and Drive” will allow interested racers or race teams to fly into any TTXGP venue and get a leg over an eCRP 1.4. The bike will be thoroughly race-prepped, CRP will do all the work on the machine, and a CRP ‘tutor’ will be assigned to each participant to help the team learn the bike and its behavior on track. This allows anyone to actually ‘demo’ both the eCRP and the TTXGP to see if it is a viable option for them – CRP Racing makes it easy.

For 2011, CRP Racing has put themselves in a prime position for becoming a true electric motorcycle championship threat in the TTXGP. Who else wants to try?

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Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of