Chopper College Bringing Courses Online

chopper_collegeNeed a little help restoring that old motorcycle that has been sitting in your basement? Chopper College will soon be offering online courses so that you can get help when you need it, wherever you are.

The online courses will be focused on eco-friendly, electric and bio-diesel motorcycles. The Minneapolis-based technical school has just teamed up with Oncall Interactive, a Chicago Digital Agency, to reqork its website and beef up its digital curriculum.

“At Chopper College, we are one of the elite few to be at the forefront of motorcycle and vehicle technology. Our model is to innovate, educate and commercialize,” said Thomas Creal, CEO of Chopper College. “Oncall Interactive has the drive to bring the unique value of our training to the web, delivering a top-quality user experience. This will not only put us in an untapped space for the motorcycle world, it will show motorcyclists — even the skeptics — that eco-friendly bikes can be profitable and positively impact our economy. With the intersection of Oncall Interactive’s innovative, goal-oriented track record and our timely concept, success is inevitable.”

Chopper College is hoping that its online courses will encourage more “Sons of Anarchy” and “American Chopper” fans to actually go out and work on a motorcycle.

“The closest most people get to designing and building custom bikes is watching American Chopper — which is fun, but not hands-on. By making Chopper College’s training available on the web, we will open up new horizons for chopper fans,” said Matthew Maday, CEO of Oncall Interactive. “Tom and his team are really pushing the envelope of motorcycle design and fabrication. Our goal is to equip their site with innovative and flawless online design — just like their custom motorcycle work.”