MotoGP Rider Dani Pedrosa Premiers Children’s Book

SM_TwoMechanicalElvesforDaniPedrosa_bookDani Pedrosa, the Repsol Honda MotoGP rider who landed in second place overall in last year’s championship, has now added yet another accomplishment to his ever-growing list. In the penultimate week of December, just days before Christmas, Pedrosa’s book Two Mechanical Elves for Dani Pedrosa was released to an adoring public in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

This is his first foray into books, and an uncommon one into children’s literature; though he did not write or illustrate this one, he is the protagonist of the story and his name will help sell more copies to the parents of children – and some without kids – who are avowed motorcycle racing fans.

Two Mechanical Elves for Dani Pedrosa tells the story of a special Christmas when Pedrosa was only five years old. Under his tree at home, Santa Claus had left the young racer-to-be a very special gift; it was a set of motocross gear and two of Mr. Claus’s most trusted elves, Tim and Tom. Those two tiny helpers were tasked with helping Pedrosa take his first steps into the world of motorcycle racing, and in the book they continue to guide him right up through his time in the MotoGP Championship.

The book was written by Pau Joan Hernandez and was illustrated by Jordi Vila Delclos and is aimed at children betweenSM_TwoMechanicalElvesforDaniPedrosa_Pedrosa_friend 6 and 12 years old. It has been printed with 3000 copies in both the Spanish and Catalan languages. Two Mechanical Elves… is a part of ‘The Values of Sport Collection’ and is published by Spanish book publisher SM Grupo. Additionally, Pedrosa has asked that 6% of profits from the sale of the book be given to a favorite non-governmental organization charity, SOS Aldeas Infantiles (SOS Children’s Villages in the US), which has the very noble mission of providing a loving home for every child on Earth.

Dani Pedrosa’s inspiration for this book can be summed up in his own words, “All children have dreams and the most important thing is to keep trying to reach those dreams, however difficult they may seem.” Maybe, just maybe, this book will be the encouragement for a future star of the motorcycle racing circuit…one day we may know.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of