Chef Ramsay on his Ducati

Written by Rodders, Courtesy of

53 Chef Gordon Ramsay, star of the hit television series, “Hell’s Kitchen”, was recently seen out on the town riding a Ducati Monster 1100. The expletive filled star owns a rare Desmosedici that he only rides on the track. Ramsay said that riding is one of the only things that relaxes him.“I’ve done in excess of 195mph on a track, never on a road,” Ramsay explained, “When I’m in my leathers and helmet, I feel completely free and in charge of my world.” Well, if he’s relaxed, someone better get him a GP bike to rip around on.

If you haven’t seen Hell’s Kitchen, it’s a cooking show where Ramsay is constantly brassed off at the contestants, and basically rips their arse for an hour about how they suck as cooks and overall human beings. I would slap the taste out of his mouth, but those who know me would not be surprised. 52

Needless to say, anyone who can take out a Desmo at 195+ mph is okay in my book, even if they’re a bit cheeky.  “It’s good for your mental state when everything else is pressure and demands,” Ramsay has said in the past, “There’s no phone, no BlackBerry, no food critic on the back seat. You’re away.”