Have a “Lead Foot”? Get A Chatterbox Radar Detector!

Have you gotten more than two or three speeding tickets in the last five years? Do you find yourself getting caught in speed traps time and time again? Then you might want to think about investing in a Chatterbox Radar Detector, and get notification of police radar before you’re stuck holding a ticket. Chatterbox offers three different radar detectors: The Chatterbox Solo S2 Escort Radar Laser Protector, The Chatterbox Passport 8500 X50 Escort Radar Laser Detector, and finally, the Chatterbox 9500i 360 Degree Escort Radar and Laser Detector. All three detectors have a few similar features, such as: blistering all-band protection, 360 degree radar and laser protection, auto-sensitivity to eliminate false alarms, and high resolution graphic LCD displays. Aside from their commonalities, these three detectors also have some individualized features as well.

"Solo S2 Escort"


The Solo S2 Escort is cordless and comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual, quick release windshield mount, travel case, and is AA battery compatible.





"Passport 8500 X50 Escort"


The Passport 8500 X50 also comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual and quick release windshield mount. It also comes with a coiled smart cord and a quick reference card. The Passport 8500 X50 has a high-intensity red display, and mute or auto mute options. This new “V-tuned” radar provides extreme detection range on all police radar including conventional and “instant-on”. The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) provides maximum range with minimal false alarms.




"9500i 360 Degree Escort"


The 9500i 360 Degree Escort has variable-speed radar performance, GPS powered Truelocko Filter, Mark location features, speed alert, clear voice alerts, intelligent voice control, an earphone jack, and a safety warning system.




Check out all three of these Chatterbox Radar Detectors, Chatterbox communications devices, and other radar detector options on our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!