Don Emde to Follow Cannon Ball Baker’s Famous Cross Country Route

cannon_ball_bakerIn 1914, Erwin G. Baker, America’s first true adventure motorcyclist, took an 11 ½ day trip from San Diego to New York. Now Don Emde, the 1972 Daytona 200 winner and Editor-in-Chief of Parts Magazine, will follow Cannon Ball Baker’s famous route while making a documentary about his trip.

Cannon Ball Baker’s route is only partially in existence. Emde, along with a staff writer, will do their best to follow the actual route that Baker took in 1914. Some of the roads may no longer exists, or what’s more likely, may have not existed when Baker made his cross country trip.

There was no cross country highway system in 1914, so Baker had to forge his own route. Emde and his team will do the trip in segments so that they can properly research and formulate their map.

Baker wasn’t the first to make the trip across the United States on a motorcycle, but he was the first to do it at such a quick pace. Before Baker’s run, the average time for a cross country trip by bike was close to a month. Baker did his in less than two weeks.

Emde will be using a KTM 990 for his trip, which is slightly more capable of the 10 horsepower motorcycle that Baker used. Emde will pull out a vintage Indian motorcycle for certain parts of the trip, to help show just how amazing Baker’s trip actually was.

[Photo Courtesy of the AMA]