The Moto-Meter: What Motorcycle Taxis Have Been Waiting For

motorcycle_taxisMotorcycle taxis may not be too popular in the United States yet, but these lightweight, environmentally friendly, faster than your car, traffic reducing taxis are growing at an exponential rate around the world.

Paul Giles, the Founder of World Moto, estimates that there are over 20 million motorcycle taxis making there way down the street in over 100 different countries, and they all suffer from the same problem. There isn’t a taximeter designed to work on a motorcycle.

That’s where Giles and World Moto are stepping in. Until now, motorcycle taxi drivers and customers have negotiated fares. They argued over distance. They argued over time. They argued over the best routes. Giles heard these people arguing and came up with a simple, and obvious, solution.

“Motorcycle taxis are everywhere and they all face the same fundamental problems that arise from having to negotiate the fare – why don’t they have a fare meter?” Giles said. “I was astonished that an idea as plain as the nose on your face was completely overlooked.”

So Giles and his business partner, Chris Ziomkowski, started working on the Moto-Meter. A product that would solve many of the problems in motorcycle taxi world. But the Moto-Meter is much more than just a taximeter for a motorcycle.

“In all modesty, the difference makes the standard taximeter look utterly primitive in comparison,” Giles said.

The Motometer is designed to be used outdoors on a motorcycle. It has a taximeter, a black box, a GPS, and even an advertising display. This waterproof, mobile unit could take the hassle out of owning, operating, and using a motorcycle taxi.

The Moto-Meter is full of potential, but it hasn’t been tested in the real world yet.

“We’re launching the Moto-Meter in Bangkok, Thailand, a top tourist city with upwards of 180,000 motorcycle taxis,” Giles said. “The trial begins in the city center on March 14th, and is endorsed by the Thai government and the motorcycle taxi association of Thailand.

“The Moto-Meter will start reducing accidents and save lives from day one forward. It will make people’s lives safer, better and happier, improve a city’s livability and its standing, and bring lasting benefits for all of society.

“The Moto-Meter is a ‘win-win’ product where everyone benefits from its use.”

The Moto-Meter is a one-of-a-kind product, and it will have the run of the market place for the time being.

As for motorcycle taxis in the US, Giles says that he would love the opportunity, but motorcycle taxis haven’t been able to stick to American soil just yet.

But with rising gas prices and congested highways, it’s only a matter of time before Motorcycle taxis make their way stateside.

“We believe that as energy prices continue to escalate, and the US population starts to rely more heavily on mass transit to escape the high oil prices, cash strapped municipalities, looking for creative ways to ease the burden on their communities, will increasingly be in favor of this highly efficient, proven way of extending the reach of mass transit into low density suburbs at next to no cost,” Giles said. “It is only a matter of time.”

General Info: Moto-Meter – Make money the easy way™

Main features:

  • Portable – compact and easily swapped between vehicles in seconds
  • Universal – weatherized and works with all vehicle classes, worldwide
  • Taximeter – eliminates the no. 1 complaint of drivers and passengers: negotiating the fare
  • Black Box – life saving technology proven to reduce accidents (up to 95%)
  • GPS – navigation and location-based services (LBS)
  • Ride Safe – trips can be monitored and instant position locator in case of emergency
  • Vehicle Management – taxi dispatch with hailing system and vehicle reports
  • I-Queue – shows position in queue and time to next fare
  • RealFare – unique anti-tamper solution for taximeters
  • Infotainment – shows live sports scores, public service ads, headline news, wireless games
  • Advertising – ultrabright advertising display can show commercial ads and generate ad revenue for drivers (and for World Moto), while providing passengers with superior service (relevant location-based ads and infotainment)
  • Money Module – a small add-on to enable mobile commerce

The Black Box is a tiny module that can be sold separately as a safety device to the motorcycle industry, e.g., any organization or parent concerned with how their motorcycles are being driven can have it installed.


With a retail price of US $180 and over 20 million motorcycle taxis, the potential worldwide market for the Moto-Meter could eventually reach over US $3 billion, not including autorickshaws, taxis, and other for-hire transport. Globally, the number of motorcycle taxis continues to rise at an exponential rate.

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