Scout Willis Rides Naked on a Motorcycle For Fashion Magazine [Video]


Scout Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, shows her wild side in a photo-shoot for StyleLikeU.

Willis posed for several photos in biker gear for photographer Magda Wosinska. The 20-year-old Brown University student rides on the back of a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket, and in one shot, forgets to wear pants under her leather chaps.


StyleLikeU also made a short video about Scout Willis and the photo-shoot. Willis narrates the video with a poetic story about a girl seeking freedom.


Willis says:

“As I slammed the door to the way of life I had become conditioned to after twenty years of inundation and repression in the form of my childhood home I let out the most primal of screams. And with this scream the most sudden release of the maddening mantras of an upbringing I had yet to face the horrors of. Clad in leathers, silks, turquoise, and blue jeans I set off before first light, seeking a truth as painful as it was freeing. I will yank that rotted tooth of deceit from the roots and god willing I will throw it into fiery seas, with this sacrifice will my long burdened heart remain disquieted?”

You can see more photos and read the whole Scout Willis story here. 


What do you think of Scout Willis’ photo-shoot? Does she share the same badass mentality as her father?