Bro: New Movie Dives Into the World of Freestyle MX [Video]

bro_the_movieGuns? Check. Motorcycles? Check. Hot girls? Check. Danny Trejo? Check. Exploring the seedy underbelly of an extreme sport. Yep, the new movie Bro hits on just about all cylinders.

The movie stars Danny Trejo, Gunner Wright, and Larry Fessenden, as well as real MX Freestyle riders like Colin “Scummy” Morrison and Beau Manley.

The freestyle riders perform real tricks for the movie, but judging by this behind the scenes look at Bro, the actors may have not been up to the task. Here’s a video of Scummy teaching Will Chavez to ride in the movie Bro.

Bro doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s expected to be out sometime this year.

Co-producer Mark Solomon told ESPN:

“Bro'” is really a coming of age story that follows a young college student, who is not too slick, as he is introduced to a world of women, drugs, and motorcycles. Within this world, there are good and bad people that he meets, and the movie is basically about the choices he makes on this path.“

The trailer hit the internet about two months ago, so the movie should be edging its way toward theaters soon.

Here’s a trailer for “Bro.”

You can get more info about the movie here.

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