Stealth Rider

Written by LeahStunts, Courtesy of

key_art_stealth_rider The man who originally brought sportbike freestyle to TV with Super Bikes! is at is again with Stealth Rider, a SpeedTV original series. Jason Britton, Tony Carbajal and Eric Hoenshell are the featured riders in the series which documents the behind the scenes creation of a stunt film, shot at iconic locations around the US. While clearly showcasing the rider’s skills on two and one wheel, the series also peeks into the life of a professional stunt rider, the pressures of the evolving sport, and the technical nature of capturing and portraying the sport on film.

The season will see stunts in locations such as the Vegas strip, in front of the White House and by the Golden Gate Bridge. The whole ordeal is doing the great service of getting sportbike freestyle in front of various different audiences. Beyond the audiences at home on the couch tuned into SpeedTV, the real-life audiences that experience the sport on location are sure to remember the riders and skills, which is important as stunting goes more and more mainstream. One goal of the series is to bring the sport to other demographics outside the core-sportbike freestyle enthusiast. Over the years the awe-inspiring skill and excitement has grown as riders push both their skills and they machine harder and harder. With hope and with series like Stealth Rider, any oil and gas enthusiast would be amply entertained by a half-hour of wheelies on TV.

Certainly a stunt riding pioneer like Jason Britton can appreciate the growing crowds and recognition stunting is beginning to garner. While the show is a fun watch in and of itself, the audience should also recognize the incredible milestone it is for stunt riders in general. To think these riders are enjoying a career riding and entertaining every day, traveling the country and the world and bringing never before seen skills to the public all because of a two wheeled machine. Check out the series on SPEED! every Wednesday 8P ET/PT and be inspired by the two wheeled machines we love so much.