AXO Freedom GT Boots – Great Touring Boots which have a Unique Closure System

The AXO Freedom GT boots are fantastic boots for the serious tourer or adventure rider. At fourteen inches tall, these boots offer full coverage and very good ankle support. The Freedom GT boots are water-proof , the lining covers all but the top 2.5 ins of the boot. Surely the most innovative feature of these boots is the BOA TECHNOLOGY lacing system. Instead of a zipper or buckles to secure the boots to your feet, the Freedom GT‘s have a stainless steel cable lacing system that’s truly a joy to work with and gives a really secure personalized fit. A ratcheting spool located on the exterior portion of the boot performs all the tightening. Just simply put your foot into the boot, and give the BOA knob a number of turns, and off you go! When you are ready to take them off, you simply pull out on the knob which releases the cable tension, letting you effortlessly pull your feet out from the boots. All of us are very big fans of the BOA lacing system mainly because it provides you with a much more secure personalized fit than the usual basic zipper. Yet it isn’t any more complicated to get on and off than just a normal touring boot. Two additional big positive aspects for the BOA system with regard to motorcyclists: equal tension throughout the boot for comfort, plus, most importantly, absolutely no loose laces to become caught up on your bike. Moving on to other highlights of these boots, there are accordion type stretch panels on the front and rear of the boots, and reflective panels increase night-time visibility on the rear also. The sole of the Freedom GT Boots have a very good grippy compound and also a smooth tread pattern so you can easily move about on the pegs. The toe box, heel cup, shin plate, and ankle bones all contain reinforcements for impact as well as abrasion protection. Overall we’ve been really pleased with the AXO Freedom GT Boots, and if you are wanting to buy a full length touring boot, these are certainly worth a look.

AXO Striker Boot Review

If you’re searching for a short street boot that’s easy and quick to put on, stays secure on your foot, offers respectable crash protection and is all day comfortable, look to the AXO Striker. Not much bigger than a high-top basketball shoe, these all black motorcycle boots could easily blend in just about anywhere. Our overall favorite thing of the AXO Striker boots is undoubtedly the Boa lacing system. The Boa laces are in fact tiny coated steel cables that run through unique plastic guides on the motorcycle boots. A knob in the back of the boots features a ratcheting system which makes it fast and simple to equally tighten up the laces. With the Boa system there aren’t any loose ends to tuck in or maybe get caught on your bike. Just slide your foot in, give the knob a couple turns and off you go! In order to release the laces simply pull out on the knob and then it instantly releases. The toe section of the Striker motorcycle boots is coated in rubber, which not only causes them to be stronger and comfortable for shifting, but additionally makes it convenient to keep your boots nice and clean. The sides of the Striker boots are perforated for a bit of hot weather air-flow, together with exhaust vents on the back heel as well to keep your feet cool. The AXO Striker Motorcycle boots sure pack a lot of great features that make them a wonderful every day short street riding boot.

AXO Slammer Constructor Boots Review

If you were to take a work boot, an off-road boot, and a street boot and combine all three, I think you would get something very close to the AXO Slammer Constructor Boots.  With a lugged gum rubber sole, the Slammer Constructor is at home on the street or off road.  These boots are held on with two straps, one across the instep and another around the ankle.  There are motocross style buckles that securely snap into place, with some small levers on the ends that give you a mechanical advantage when unbuckling them (a nice touch).  Some other dirt inspired features are the metal toe guards that protect the sole, and a molded ridge in front of the lower buckle which prevents the buckle from being caught on brush (or anything else).  With all of these dirt boot features you may be wondering if these are at all practical for street use, and I can definitely say they are great.  The Nubuk hide leather is nice and soft to the touch, and the gum rubber sole is soft and flexible for all day comfort on or off the bike.  You can view all AXO motorcycle boots that are available in our online store here.

Entry Level Sport Boot Comparison: Primato II Boots vs. Latigo RR Boots

Choosing your riding footwear is a lot like choosing the right tires for your bike.  There are a lot of factors to consider, such as how aggressive a rider are you?  What type of riding will you be doing?  What sort of weather to you expect to encounter?  And, perhaps the #1 question these days, how much are you willing to spend?  Recently, two sport boots have caught our attention.  The AXO Primato II Boots, and the Cortech Latigo RR boots.  Both of these motorcycle boots are offered at a very attractive price-point, and both have some race inspired features.

First, let’s talk about fit.  The AXO Primato II is a slightly taller boot, with a much larger opening at the top.  This is great for guys with big calves, but may leave guys with smaller legs feeling like there is too much room around their shins.  Both motorcycle boots have a stretch panel at the top for some flexibility in the calf area, but if you have monster calves, the Primato II boots are for you.  The Cortech Latigo boots, in contrast, have a more standard sized calf area, and seem to be a little more snug through the instep.

One major difference between these two boots is the Primato 2 is only available in one, non-waterproof version, while the Latigo has both a perforated “Air” version (the Cortech Latigo Air RR Boots), and a waterproof version with a Hipora liner.  The AXO Primato II does offer a decent amount of ventilation, with mesh intake vents on the shin, and a small exhaust vent in the heel cup.  The Primato II won’t flow quite as much air as the fully perforated Latigo Air RR, but it should still do a great job keeping you cool in warmer weather.

Both Motorcycle boots feature a synthetic upper (the Latigo boots do use real leather for the stretch panels), and both also have reinforced polymer shift pads.  The Primato II does have a slightly thicker toe box, which makes them a little more comfortable, but just slightly more cumbersome to shift with.  One thing that really impressed us about the AXO Primato II’s was how comfortable they were right out of the box.  They are extremely flexible and really could be worn all day on and off the bike.  Of course this translates to less support (especially in the ankle area), and that is where the Cortech Latigo boots really has the Primato II’s beat.  The Latigo RR Boots feature an external molded ankle support that really stiffens up the boot, and makes them much more suitable for occasional track duty.

For protection, both of these motorcycle boots have you pretty well covered.  If you are a rider who occasionally touches a toe down, you will appreciate that both of these boots have replaceable plastic toe sliders.  The AXO Primato II takes it one step further, with a replaceable calf slider that is built into the shin plate.  Both boots have molded shin plates that offer some impact protection, although coverage on the Latigo RR boots is a little bit better.  Both boots also feature a reinforced toe box and heel cup to protect those parts of your foot.

If your two-wheeled adventures take you places where you will be walking around quite a bit, the added flexibility of the AXO Primato II Boots will be very nice.  Conversely, if you are more of an aggressive rider or plan on taking these boots to the track, the Cortech Latigo RR boots will probably serve you better as they offer quite a bit more ankle support.

AXO Primato 2 Boot

Cortech Latigo RR Boots

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AXO Slammer 2 Boot Review

The brand new AXO Slammer 2 boots are a shorter style off-road boot that can be used for a number of riding types. AXO promotes these particular boots for mini, quad, rhino, as well as trail riders, and they actually look like a short variation of their full on dirtbike boot. These kinds of boots are fantastic for both casual trail riding or even street riding, in places you would not like a heavy high moto cross boot, but still need to have some foot and ankle protection. Motocross style buckles keep these boots secured to your feet, and there is even a molded plastic piece ahead of the lower buckle to help prevent it from becoming snagged on brush. Although it may be a low cut boot, the Slammer 2 boots offer quite a bit of ankle support, as there is actually exterior plastic armor on the sides that add some stiffness.  You can view all AXO Racing Motorcycle Boots in our online store.