BMW Produces its 2 Millionth Motorcycle in Berlin

2_million_bmwBMW’s factory in Berlin has been around since 1969 and the legendary plant has just produced its two millionth motorcycle. BMW celebrated the milestone motorcycle, an R1200GS, with a special ceremony that was attended by Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, and other special guests.

Stunt man Chris Pfeiffer unveiled the R1200GS earlier today to a VIP crowd in Berlin.

“I’m really proud to present the two millionth BMW motorcycle here today. I have a really busy schedule but this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day so I really wanted to be here,” Pfeiffer said.

After the presentation, Pfeiffer took the his BMW F800 R into the parking lot to do a series of burnouts, burning “2,000,000” into the pavement with rubber.

“BMW has always remained loyal to Berlin when others left the city,” said the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit. “Together, BMW and Berlin have been through thick and thin and we will continue to do that successfully. With this generous donation of a special R 1200 GS and its involvement in the ‘be Berlin’ campaign, BMW is supporting our aim to improve Berlin’s perception as an attractive, innovative and future-oriented city.”

In 1969 when the BMW factory opened, the German company produced 12,000 motorcycles. BMW has grown considerably since then, and now produces about 510 motorcycles a day. In 2010, BMW produced 97,076 machines, and the company continues to grow.

“Berlin will remain the heart of BMW’s motorcycle manufacture,” said Hermann Bohrer, Head of the BMW factory in Berlin. “We are investing about 30 million Euros in our factory per annum to continue to be competitive and in front.”

Here’s a video of the celebration at BMW.

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