Black Devil, The Stig has an Evil Twin

Black_DevilDeep in the heart of Moscow lives a fearless rider that knows no bounds. People often say this rider has nerves of steel and only seeks to find the cutting edge of motorcycle riding, we present the Stig’s evil twin, the Black Devil.

Today we will see the Black Devil take a few motorcycles out for a ride on the Moscow test track. Unfortunately due to budget constraints the test track for this rider is the public streets of Moscow. Yes you have it; this nut bar is riding on the streets of Moscow like he is on a racing circuit. A nice feature of these videos shows this rider, lane splitting.

This is the type of riding that gets people in other vehicles, mainly cars, upset. Yes we know lane splitting saves gas, reduces green house gasses, saves time. This rider does definitely have a death, like John Derek said “Live fast, die young and have a good-looking corpse!” From the videos we found on YouTube we believe the Black Devil may have followed John Derek’s advice. If you feel the need for speed, take it to the track.

Is this the end of the Black Devil?

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