Dime City Cycles – “Nothing But the Best is Good Enough”

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com


Spend a little time at Dime City Cycles in the Tampa Bay area and you’ll immediately become aware of something rare in today’s cookie-cutter world. Because Dime City is a place where an intense passion for the unique and an unqualified appreciation for real artisan styling comes together.

Located in Largo, Jason Michaels and Herm Narciso created Dime City Cycles to reflect their mutual interest in true vintage motorcycles and the lifestyle that accompanies them. Michaels says, “We are not defined by a single sub-culture or biker class although we favor café racers.” The two became friends and started Dime City back in 2009.


When you first meet them they appear to be two young guys just in from the beach. But looks can be deceiving. By day Jason and Herm work as mild-mannered, suit-and-tie salesmen in the IT industry. When the sun goes down, the suits are replaced with shorts and t-shirts. The laidback, easygoing attitude in the mid-sized garage makes for a comfortable atmosphere in which to talk. Jason greets me with an easy smile.

The Dime City logo features a winged piston with the Latin term “Nil Satis Nisioptimum”.  Herm walked over to a toolbox and pulled out a single Mercury dime. He held the coin up admiring the figure on the dime, a depiction of the mythological goddess Liberty. Herm says, “The figure on this coin is a symbol of liberty and freedom, with its wings intended to symbolize freedom of thought. We kept the wings and replaced the head with a piston. The Latin term Nil Satis Nisioptimum, nothing but the best is good enough, is how we do all our work.”


As Jason and I are talking, a young man walks into the shop. Tray is a college student who is in the process of building his own custom cycle. Herm walks up to him, wrench in hand and says, “How ya doin
?” Herm spends a good hour with Tray listening to what he’s trying to achieve and giving advice on how a cash-strapped student can still achieve his vision. “We believe there is revival currently taking place in garages and on the streets around the world, Michaels says. “We want to help the garage builders realize their dreams by being able to purchase custom parts for their motorcycle.”

Dime City offers unique and innovative parts you won’t find anywhere else. They also sell every part on their custom motorcycles at a reasonable price. What this means to all the garage builders out there is you can build your own custom cycle without sending your wallet into terminal shock.

This type of attention to the unconventional has gotten Dime City Cycles some pretty good recognition from the Discovery Channel. In fact, they’ll be featured in the upcoming series “Café Racer!” on Discovery Channel HD Theater. The series will begin  airing October 1st. The show will focus on the history of the café racer and the lifestyles of those who ride them. You can expect to see rare historical film footage and the building of the “Brass Café”, a motorcycle build that combines both innovative design with classical features. Nil Satis Nisioptimum.