Bell Moto 9 Helmet: “Hello Moto”

Moto 9 Tilt


For Motocross, Supercross, and Arenacross, The Bell Moto 9 is a great choice if you’re looking for a high end, off-road helmet. The Moto 9 is an upgrade from the Moto 8 with plenty of new features. First, the shell shape has been completely redesigned. Whereas the Moto 8 used molded plastic on the back of the shell for ventilation, the Moto 9 has everything already integrated into the shell. Manufactured using Bell’s “TriMatrix Shell Construction”, the shell of the Moto9 is composed of a Kevlar, Carbon-fiber, and Fiberglass mix; making it strong, sturdy, and lightweight.

The Moto 9 has been incorporated with Bell’s “Velocity Flow Ventilation System”. This system works in conjunction with the visor peak to create optimum air circulation. While riding, air is harvested underneath the visor and directed into vents at the top of the helmet, which is then directed to the top of the head, as well as the temples. The visor peak is a fly bridge visor with tabs that can be hand adjusted to change the visor height. The chin bar has a large center intake vent with a mesh screen and foam mesh to keep out dirt. There is also a ventilated roost guard. The rear of the helmet has several exhaust vents that will do a great job of pushing warm air out of the helmet. There are static vents at the base of the helmet as well.

The interior of the Bell Moto 9 is composed of Bell’s “X-Static Silver Lining”. This lining is removable, and made of a durable, moisture wicking fabric that will be sure to last. The cheek pads are attached using Bell’s “Magnefusion Magnetic System”. This system makes it very easy to remove the pads; which is a definite plus in the event of an emergency. One feature that you won’t find in typical, lower end helmets are the removable chin strap covers. This makes the straps easy to wash and can help keep your helmet fresh. The Moto 9 is compatible with Shock Doctor’s Eject System. This is an airbag system that will go underneath the 3-D crown liner. A small hose will run from the crown of the head to the base of the helmet. Emergency personnel will be able to inflate the air bag with the hose to gradually push the helmet off of the head, applying little to no pressure on the neck.  The chin bar is completely lined with EPS, which will give you extra protection in the event that you have a frontal impact.

Over all, the Bell Moto 9 is without a doubt a premium helmet choice for off-road riders. Popular motocross rider, James Stewart was consulted in the design of the Moto 9, so it definitely has the components that any off-road rider would want or look for in a helmet. Check out the Bell Moto9 helmet and other Bell products at our website:!

Moto 9 Legacy
Moto 9 Unit Hot Yellow

Bell Pit Boss Helmet

The Pit Boss is a shorty-style helmet from Bell. Most shorty helmets tend to sit high on the head, but the Pit Boss has been designed to sit lower, giving you great coverage. The Pit Boss comes with a clear, drop down internal visor. You can also install a dark smoke visor as well. The visor is convenient eye protection in case you choose not to wear glasses or goggles. The shell of the Pit Boss is made with Bell’s “TriMatrix Shell Construction”. This is a mixture of Kevlar, Fiberglass, and Carbon-Fiber, making for a strong, lightweight shell. The interior is lined with a plush material for added comfort. There is a removable, combination neck and ear curtain with openings at the ears to insert speakers.  At the back of the helmet is a speed dial adjustment system that can be changed to create a more custom fit, and also cradle the back of the head to keep the helmet from lifting at higher speeds.  Check out the Bell Pit Boss and other Bell products on our website at:!

Pit Boss Checkers
Pit Boss Flame

2012 Bell Helmet Lineup Sneak Peek!

Bell Revolver EVO Helmet

Bell Revolver Evo Helmets
Bell locked their R&D team in the laboratory and didn’t let them out until they had taken the Revolver helmet and turned it into a truly class leading modular worthy of the Bell name. When our engineering team finally emerged, the result was the Revolver EVO. With improved features like a redesigned eyeport seal to reduce wind noise, new chin curtain to keep cold air out, and an improved flip down sun shade, the Bell Revolver EVO has truly taken Bell modular helmetsto the next level in rider comfort and performance.

  • Industries first Modular helmet designed for function and performance all in one
  • Internal Sun Shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun without having to stop and change shields
  • Velocity Flow™ ventilation system with FlowAdjust™ for maximum ventilation and temperature control
  • Lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell
  • Super stable aerodynamic signature resists buffeting and lift
  • Integrated speaker pockets for audio speakers
  • Contour Cut Cheekpads for superior fit and comfort
  • ClickRelease™ for the fastest, easiest, tool-free shield swaps ever
  • NutraFog II™ superior anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield
  • New redesigned eyeport seal dramatically reduces wind noise
  • Removable and washable interior for maximum comfort
  • Exclusive Magnefusion™ magnetic strap keeper (Patent Pending)
  • New Chin Curtain prevents cold air from entering the helmet
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure
  • Five-year warranty
Bell Mag-9 Helmet

Bell Mag-9 Helmets
The legend returns with the new Mag-9 helmet from Bell. Ultra comfortable and versatile, the Mag-9 redefines the open face helmet category with unmatched features and quality. From long distance touring to cruising your favorite local roads, the Mag-9 is the one helmet that does it all in style.

  • Tough and lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • 3 EPS sizes for maximum comfort and size range
  • Helmet can be run in multiple configurations: with or without shield and with or without visor
  • Fast and easy tool-free shield changes
  • Drop-down sunshield offers “on the fly” protection from the sun
  • Velocity Flow™ ventilation creates the most ventilated helmet in the open face category
  • Convenient speaker pockets make it easy to set up the Mag-9 with communication devices
  • Removable and washable interior for maximum comfort
  • Contour cheekpads for superior fit and comfort


Bell Drifter DLX Helmet

Bell Drifter DLX Helmets
Featuring Bell’s innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system, the Drifter DLX is a breakthrough in half shell helmet comfort and style. Just put on the helmet and turn the dial on the adjustment system for a perfect fit, even with your gloves on. This system not only provides a high level of comfort, it also drastically reduces the tendency for half shell helmets to lift off of the head. The Bell Drifter DLX also features Bell’s ultra-low profile shell design while still passing tough DOT safety standards; maximum style with no compromises.

  • Lightweight, composite shell
  • Innovative Speed Dial™ adjustable fit system
  • Removable ear pads for cold weather riding
  • Rear goggle strap
  • Five-year warranty
Bell Pit Boss Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Helmets

Bell Pit Boss Speed Dial System

From the first time you put the Pit Boss helmet on, you can feel the difference. The ultra-light TriMatrix construction keeps weight to a minimum while still passing tough DOT standards. The Bell Pit Boss also features Bell’s innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system which provides unmatched levels of comfort while drastically reducing the tendency for open face helmets to lift off of the head. And with additional features like a removable neck curtain and drop down sunshield, the Pit Boss truly reigns supreme on the wide open road.

  • Lightweight, TriMatrix composite shell—Kevlar/Carbon/Fiberglass blend
  • Innovative Speed Dial™ adjustable fit system
  • Internal Sun Shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun
  • Removable neck curtain for cold weather riding.
  • Convenient speaker pockets make it easy to set up the Pit Boss with communication devices
  • Five-year warranty


Bell RS-1 Helmet Video Review

The all-new Bell RS-1 bridges the gap between the top-of-the-line Bell Star and the value-minded Vortex with an amazing blend of mid-line price and performance. Starting with a lightweight Kevlar/fiberglass composite shell, the RS-1 brings it with Bell’s vaunted Velocity Flow Ventilation system providing cool comfort, a super stable aerodynamic profile keeping the helmet still at speed, and the versatile Click Release shield system for fast, easy shield swaps, not to mention an amazing variety of tint and coating choices. Contour Cut Cheekpads and a plush, removable, washable liner cradle the head in comfort while Bell’s exclusive Magnafusion magnetic strap keeper makes flapping strap ends a thing of the past. All said, it’s one great helmet at a modest price.

Bell Vortex Helmet Video Review

The new Bell Vortex is every bit the helmet you’d expect of the Star’s little brother. Developed in Bell’s state-of-the-art Santa Cruz, California design center, the Vortex borrows heavily from the Star, using its Velocity Flow Ventilation™ with FlowAdjust™ for amazing ventilation and temperature control, as well as Click Release – the reigning world champ in shield ease-of-use. The lightweight polycarbonate shell is molded into a stable, wind cutting shape, and comfort is in no short supply with contoured cheek pads and a plush removable comfort liner. Finish it off with a noise-reducing wind collar and integrated speaker pockets and you have a complete package at a killer price.

Check out the new colors and graphics of the Bell Vortex Helmet