Bye, Bye, Big Dog

big_dog_motorcycles_chopperIt’s official. Big Dog Motorcycles has been closed down. Intrust Bank foreclosed on Big Dog Motorcycles on Wednesday, and now owns the company’s remaining assets.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Sheldon Coleman and Mike Simmons have founded a new company that will provide parts and gear for over 25,000 Big Dog Motorcycles. The company, BDM Performance Products, will provide parts to existing Big Dog customers, and will eventually start producing parts for other motorcycles.

Simmons, the president of the new company, says that he plans to bring all 22 of the remaining Big Dog employees over to BDM Performance Products to get started on the new venture. Simmons says that BDM Performance Products will be off the ground as soon as possible, but wasn’t sure exactly when it would happen.

Big Dog has informed all of its dealers about the situation, and has also addressed the question about warranties. The simple answer, Big Dog won’t be honoring any existing warranties. Big Dog, along with any claims or debt, has been dissolved.

Big Dog Motorcycles was started in the late 90s, and saw booming success for close to a decade. Sales started decreasing in 2006, and the first layoffs came in 2007.

The motorcycle market has changed since Big Dog first came on the scene. The amount of customers looking to buy a luxury choppers has dwindled, and with that, so did Big Dog’s business.

It’s sad to see an American motorcycle company go under, but hopefully BDM Performance Products can keep existing Big Dog bikes on the road for years to come

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