SOA – Special appearence by Sonny Barger

SOA-logoSons of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club. In the season 3 Finale a special appearance is made by Sonny Barger, who was a founding member of the Oakland Chapter of the Hells Angels.

Sony Barger played a character named “Lenny the Pimp” Janowitz, who is a founding member of the fictional Sons of Anarchy  MC.

84 Shovels on the FX Community forum wrote “This reminds me of something I was pondering the other night after the finale… was wondering if SOA has made real 1% clubs have to put up with more people approaching them, as if they’re nice-guy-celebs. Reminded me of some years back when I was biking up Yosemite way with a group of friends. We pulled into a station to gas up, and a minute later a group of HA pulled in to do the same. I glanced up and went back about my business, having no particular affinity for 1%ers, and knowing they certainly had no affinity for us. One of my friends, however, was smitten (6’8 guy with a beard, looks like he just broke outa prison)…. He was crushed when he said hi to one of them and they ignored him. “YA THINK?” So I can only imagine the extra attention 1%’ers are getting NOW with SOA on the air… I would bet many people will be stupid enough to think of real club members as “buddies.”

bikerdave65429 had a different view  “ya know , i gotta say something here , now i see some folks on here that are still trying to perpetuate the old stereo type for bikers and 1% clubs and its realy getting on my nerves , many of us on here (who are in the life or are very knowledgable about it ) have spent alot of time and energy trying to get the “citizens” on here straight on the fact that just because we ride a bike and wear leather , it dont meen we are Atilla the hun looking to rape and pillage , then a few of ya’ll come on here and act like “oh any guy in a 1% club wont speak to you or they are scary and mean ” BS i sat down with sonny 2 weeks ago at “a book signing” and he was a great guy , and there was patches from all over the eastern seaboard walking around , i spoke with many of them and said hello to every guy i made eye contact with , not a single one was rude , disrespected me (for not having the same patch on my back ) or anything else , so lighten up on the bikers are bad attitude a little bit ya’ll ok ? as for sonny’s guest shot on the show , i thought he was great for that part , and his speach was very clear , when we met i had to lean in to realy hear him well because he speaks very softly . the man is a legend whether you like it or not and whether you respect it or not , so act like grown ups . just my 2 cents , whether you agree or not .”

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