Two-In-One, the Olympia Airglide 3 Mesh Pants for Men and Women

Two pair of motorcycle pants in one, which you can wear three ways? Now that’s a great way to get your money’s worth. These great Olympia motorcycle pants, for both men and women, have been designed in just that fashion to fit many of your riding needs.


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Versatile Womens Riding Pants – the Olympia Pro Max Overpants

For an all around riding pant, the Olympia Pro Max Womens Overpants have it covered. Offering you protection from not only all weather conditions but the ground also, you’ll get all you need in these womens motorcycle pants.







Let’s first look at the outer shell of the pants, which is made of a tough Cordura that has a waterproof coating, along with an additional waterproof/breathable membrane so you’re sure to stay dry if Mother Nature dumps on your ride. With a cool mesh airflow lining you’ll stay cool in warmer weather but if the temperatures happen to drop, the removable Thermolite® insulated liner, which doubles as a separate pair of pants, can be quickly installed to keep you warm.

To keep you protected in case of an accident, these Olympia Pants have CE Motion Flex knee armor that is height adjustable so you can get the proper fit. There is also removable EVA compression foam in the hips as added protection. Other great features of these womens pants are an 8″ zipper to attach your favorite riding jacket, full side leg zippers, multiple adjustments, side stretch panels, reflective piping for added visibility and several pockets to stash all your stuff. So as you can see Olympia has made a fantastic pair of motorcycle pants. Take a second to check out the video so you can get a closer look and let us know if you have any questions.

Real World Ride Review of the Sliders Bella Womens Kevlar Jeans

On my recent four day motorcycle trip to conquer the Dragon’s Tail, I was able to ride in our new Sliders Bella Womens Kevlar Jeans and I have to tell you I’m really impressed. First thing I noticed was that they are super soft and comfortable. They have just enough stretch to give you ease of movement and to fit to your body’s shape, especially while on the bike, but not enough that they bag out in the rear after wearing them for a day or two of riding.


The integrated Kevlar covers your knees, hips, back of thighs and butt area to keep you protected if you slide across the pavement but it’s not uncomfortable, in fact you don’t even notice it because it’s covered in a thin soft mesh lining. There are velcro pockets that allow you to insert the Sliders Optional CE Approved Knee Armor, which is pliable, not stiff feeling, in three positions to make it fit to your height. While riding in the mountains, I didn’t even notice the knee armor, you get used to it in a few minutes and it’s very comfy. I wore these jeans in temps ranging from 59° – 90° and didn’t get too cold or too hot. I would say the denim is thicker, more like a when you buy a pair of jeans for winter wear, but to me it wasn’t hot or heavy, just felt more protective than some of my other jeans, which I actually liked.

Sizing is definitely something to look at, as the Sliders Bella Jeans run big, which is great for us ladies….we love to fit into a smaller size! I recommend, if you are a curvy girl to go down one size, if you have a boyish figure, you could probably go down two sizes. On my girls motorcycle trip this past weekend, with a great group of ladies, I had three sizes of Sliders Kevlar jeans with me and they all were happily surprised that they could go down a size or two when they tried them on. Most of us wear jeans in two sizes, for example an 8 or a 10, so I suggest getting the smaller of those two sizes if you want to wear long underwear under them in colder weather, but go down another size (to a 6 in this example) if you want to wear them in warmer weather. (Note: These jeans come in sizes 2-18, in all three lengths, in Blue or Black Denim)


Other things that I liked about the Bella Jeans are that they are a relaxed fit with a normal rise in the front, they hit just across my belly button (but not above it) and in the back they have a higher rise so that when I was riding they didn’t slide down and expose any part of my butt. They are available in short, regular and tall also, which is great since lady bikers come in all sizes. I am 5’3″ and the regular length is perfect with my riding boots. While walking around, these Womens Riding Pants covered the heels of my boots, but weren’t excessively dragging the ground and when taming the curvy roads they were just the right length to cover my boots.

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All in all, I am extremely happy with these riding jeans and will be riding in them every time I go out on my bike. They are super comfy and since they are, I don’t mind wearing something protective all the time. Check out the video below so you can see more details of the Sliders Bella Jeans. Please feel free to comment if you have bought them or if you have any questions. You can call in to our customer service dept and they (or I) will be happy to answer any questions you have. Oh and don’t be jealous guys, we have the Sliders 4.0 Motorcycle Riding Kevlar Jeans available for you too! Also ladies, if you’re curious about the other motorcycle gear I’m sporting in the above pictures, you can check out their webpages, along with my Blog and Video’s Reviews here…the Cortech LRX Air 2 Womens Jacket, the GMax GM78 Firestarter Helmet, the Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet and the Cortech Dx 2 Gloves.

Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuits for Men & Women

Riding in the rain is not fun, but it’s even worse if you don’t have your rain gear with you, so make sure you have a Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit tucked away on your bike all the times.

Constructed of a soft polyester outer shell with a PVC backing, this 100% waterproof set will keep you dry in all kinds of wet weather. A soft corduroy lined collar, comfortable nylon interior and adjustments make it easy to wear over your clothes while riding. Plus the Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit for Women has been specifically cut to fit a womens body, which makes it extra comfy for us girls.  With a rear exhaust vent in the jacket to keep you cool, reflective piping for visibility,  large zippered gussets at the legs to make it easy to get in/out of and heat resistant material on the inner lower legs, this motorcycle rain gear has all you need to outsmart Mother Nature. Take a closer look at this rainsuit by watching the below video and let us know what you think.

Dress for the Crash, Not for the Ride – Motorcycle Gear 101

Motorcycle Gear 101 is an article intended to help you figure out what kind of gear you should be shopping for.  Whether you have never worn gear, or haven’t been on a bike in a long time, motorcycle gear has definitely evolved over the years.  Different kinds of gear serve many different purposes.  These days, there is motorcycle gear for just about any kind of weather or riding style.  Make sure you click the Motorcycle Gear 101 link to learn all about the following types of gear offered here at Competition Accessories!

Leather Race Gear

Textile Gear

Mesh Gear

Motorcycle Jeans

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