3/4 Length Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide


Who should consider 3/4 length jackets? What advantages do they have over standard length jackets, and which one is best? In this video we will help you narrow down your next jacket purchase. http://www.compacc.com/Motorcycle-Jackets


Protect Your Kids with the Alpinestars Youth Bionic 2 Jacket

Some like to ride their own and some like to ride on the back of yours, but a lot of kids these days are getting into motorcycle riding, so make sure they’re protected. The Alpinestars Youth Bionic 2 Jacket was specifically created with them in mind so let’s take a look.











The most important thing when looking for a riding jacket of course, is the armor that has been integrated for their safety and this piece Continue reading Protect Your Kids with the Alpinestars Youth Bionic 2 Jacket

Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuits for Men & Women

Riding in the rain is not fun, but it’s even worse if you don’t have your rain gear with you, so make sure you have a Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit tucked away on your bike all the times.

Constructed of a soft polyester outer shell with a PVC backing, this 100% waterproof set will keep you dry in all kinds of wet weather. A soft corduroy lined collar, comfortable nylon interior and adjustments make it easy to wear over your clothes while riding. Plus the Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit for Women has been specifically cut to fit a womens body, which makes it extra comfy for us girls.  With a rear exhaust vent in the jacket to keep you cool, reflective piping for visibility,  large zippered gussets at the legs to make it easy to get in/out of and heat resistant material on the inner lower legs, this motorcycle rain gear has all you need to outsmart Mother Nature. Take a closer look at this rainsuit by watching the below video and let us know what you think.

Span All 4 Seasons with the Cortech GX Sport Air 3 Jacket

The Cortech GX Sport Air 3 Jacket can be used all year around depending on your locale. Boasting a dual stage liner, plus armor, you can be safe while riding in almost any weather condition, in this fantastic motorcycle jacket.


First lets take a look at the construction. Made with tough Armor Link III Mesh material that has 1680 denier ballistic poly in the critical areas, you can get great airflow when needed along with abrasion resistance. To increase your safety, the Cortech GX Sport Air 3 Jacket sports removable CE approved armor in the shoulders & elbows, along with a triple density articulated back protector for your spine. And the armor has been placed in the outer shell so you can be protected even if you aren’t using the jacket liners.


Now about that “all-season” appeal, this Cortech Jacket incorporates their unique Aqua-Therm two stage waterproof and insulated liner. Easy to zip in/out and made to fit the weather conditions you encounter, you can wear both layers together under the mesh shell for a warm/waterproof barrier or you can wear just one of the individual liners to meet your needs. The outer shell plus the waterproof liner are both lined in a soft mesh, so no matter which of the three options you’re wearing next to your skin, you’ll be comfy.


Along with protection and amazing versatility, the Cortech GX Sport Air 3 Jacket has some great details that make it even better. The collar and cuffs are lined with a soft microfiber trim for comfort, adjustable straps at the biceps & forearms allow you to get a precise fit and keep the armor snug to your body, while adjustable waist belts keep the bottom edge of this mesh riding jacket in the proper position. Several pockets, on all three layers, give you plenty of storage space, a pants/jacket zipper attachment allows you to hook your motorcycle pants on, while reflective piping increases your visibility.










To get a closer look at this versatile motorcycle jacket, check out the below video and if you want to be fully geared up, take a look at the matching Cortech GX Air 3 Gloves and the Cortech GX Sport Pants. And for you ladies, there’s a similar womens motorcycle jacket called the Cortech LRX Air 2 Jacket that has most of these same great features.


2013 Mesh Jacket Buying Guide : Fear Not the Heat

As the warm weather rolls in,  well,  for the most part  (I hear it is still quite chilly up north),  it is time to pull out the warm weather gear—  at least for us already seeing temperatures touch the 90s.  In particular,  Mesh Jackets.  If you want to skip on down to the bottom,  Reuben helps breakdown different summer jackets with the 2013 Mesh Jacket Guide and provides you some important differences in available features.

The 2013 Summer Mesh Jacket Buying Guide helps break down a few of the jackets that are available to riders like you.  Mesh apparel for motorcycles hasn’t been widespread among the motorcycle industry for a very long time–  about a decade or so.  When it was introduced it was a nice alternative to the typically hot riding apparel and provided a nice bit of air flow.  However,  they did lack some much needed protection.  Like most materials and goods produced,  they tend to gain new advancements as technology improves.  In today’s market it isn’t uncommon to find nice air flowing mesh gear with a good bit of impact protection.  Although,  abrasion protection tends to be lacking,  for the most part,  but you can find some Mesh Gear with added materials over the key areas to help combat abrasion.  For now,  we are going to focus on Mesh Motorcycle Jackets as a whole category,  however there are many companies that do make both Womens Mesh Jackets and Mens Mesh Jackets.

The evolution of the Mesh Jacket holds an important role in the motorcycle community for many reasons.  Mesh material creates a superior summer jacket because of its ability to let air reach your skin and allows for good air circulation.  It is extremely lightweight and comfortable.  Also,  it is usually a bit cheaper than other materials used for motorcycle jackets,  like a leather jacket that can make your wallet feel a bit thinner.  What you will find is that there are many different features that you can find for Mesh Jackets that can really be quite rider specific.  Whether you are looking for a jacket that is strictly a hot weather jacket where you are hammered with tons of air flow,  or even a 4 season jacket,  mesh surely has something to offer.

You really can’t go wrong by adding a Mesh Jacket to your motorcycle gear arsenal.  Some of these jackets may contain 1 or 2 liners to help broaden the riding conditions they can contend with.  There are Waterproof Mesh Jackets and even Winter suitable Mesh Jackets.  Also available are the 4 Season Mesh Jackets that typically include both a waterproof liner and a thermal liner,  which Reuben discusses in the Summer Mesh Jacket Guide.  Check it out below.  There is good information to help you better understand the different types of Mesh Jackets and digs into some of the features that may help answer some of your questions.  But hey,  if you still have ANY questions about any kind of motorcycle accessory or piece of apparel,  even tires or grips or mirrors or batter chargers or saddle bags or gloves or the whole shebang,  new rider or experienced,  we’ve got you covered–  just drop us a line.  We can help you decide what to look for or help breakdown the differences between similar products when you just can’t decide.  That’s what we are here for.