Three Reasons You Should ALWAYS Wear Gloves When You Ride

zrxwheeeeelieHave you ever seen the acronym A.T.G.A.T.T. on the internet? It stands for All the Gear, All the Time. How about “dress for the crash, not the ride”? Definitely good rules to live by, after all, when you throw your leg over your motorcycle you are at the mercy of nature, road conditions, and thousands of distracted drivers texting away while you are trying to stay alive. Below are some of the top reasons why you should include gloves as part of your standard equipment when riding.

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Riding with the Cortech DX 2 Gloves

Last weekend I spent four days on my Harley riding with a group of girls and was able to road test some new gear. One pair of gloves, the Cortech DX 2 Womens Gloves, turned out to be an awesome riding companion. I usually wear leather gloves and was really impressed by these cute Pink & Black summer riding gloves. They were stretchy, comfortable and kept my hands cool, plus when I got stuck in the rain, my hands didn’t turn colors like they usually do in leather.

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Colorful Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves

Cool summer riding gloves are always a must and when they come in fun colors it’s even better. The Joe Rocket Velocity Womens Gloves come in Pink, Purple, Hi-Viz and Black, in sizes XS-XL, so we’re sure you can find what fits your personality.

Constructed of a stretchy breathable material and a soft synthetic palm, these motorcycle gloves are washable and comfortable. With articulated knuckles, vented TPR finger armor, reinforced patches strategically placed throughout, a pre-curved shape and easy to close velcro wrist strap, these gloves will keep you cool and comfy on all your rides. And don’t forget your man, check out the Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves for him too.

Cortech DX 2 Gloves for Men, Women & Kids

A family that rides together stays together, so make sure you have comfy, stretchy riding gloves for all your family adventures. The Cortech DX 2 Gloves come in a variety of colors and sizes for the whole family, so lets take a look.

Constructed of a soft Clarino material on the palm and two way stretch material along the rest of the hand, the Cortech DX 2 Gloves will stay snug on your hands and be comfortable enough for a full day of riding. The internal padding offers additional comfort, while TPR molding provides extra protection along the backside of the hand. Strategically placed neoprene and elastane materials give these great motorcycle gloves even more flexibility and softness next to your skin.

So check out the video below to see an in-depth look at the Cortech DX 2 Womens Gloves, which are identical to the mens and kids versions, then let us know what you think about them.

Alpinestars Thunder Air Gloves – Protection, Comfort & Style All In One

Providing top quality protection, durable materials and comfortable padding the Alpinestars Thunder Air Gloves will allow you to ride as much as you want, keep you safe and make you look cool too.


To give you an in-depth look at these great riding gloves we have reviewed them in a video (see below), but let me just highlight a few features for you. Constructed of several different materials, the Alpinestars Thunder Air Gloves offer mesh, leather, PU, Suede and TPR, strategically positioned for proper protection and comfort. Plus they have carbon fiber knuckle protection, foam padding and a velcro closure to keep them secured while riding.  Available in a variety of colors, to match your favorite riding jacket, we’re sure you’re gonna love these Alpinestars gloves