Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boot Review

When looking for a new pair of motorcycle boots, it would be best to be able to try out the item first.  What’s the next best thing? A review from our friends at WebBikeWorld.

Check out what they had to say about the Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boots available only at Competition Accessories. Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boot Review

Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

Choosing the right motorcycle boots may seem a bit overwhelming, there are hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from. Balancing style, protection, and comfort are all part of the process. Knowing what kind of riding you plan on doing and the weather you expect to encounter are other considerations. In this guide we show some examples of different boots you can buy, and what makes them work for different situations. Have a question? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction!

Types of boots in the video above:

TCX X-Street Boots

Short Motorcycle Boots / Motorcycle Shoes

Boots in this category are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof, although the waterproofing will only work if you have good waterproof pants on that will not allow any water to come in over the top of the low top boots.  For hot weather, several boots in this category are very well vented.  The main advantage to this style of motorcycle boots is they are quick and easy to put on, and most of them are very comfortable off the bike as well.  These are a great way to stay comfortable on more casual rides around town, or even commuting.  While they certainly have more protection that regular shoes, they aren’t quite as protective as a full motorcycle boot.  Lack of ankle support and shin protection are their main shortcomings.

Biker Boots / Cruiser Boots

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*NEW* Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

The Sidi Crossfire Boots have been a popular item for Sidi, and rightfully so. These boots have features that any off-road rider would love to have in a quality riding boot; so you can imagine that the upgraded Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots, are really going to blow you MX riders away! The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots have some of the same popular features as its predecessor, but with a few extra perks. Sidi’s SR Sole is one attribute that has been carried over to the new Crossfire boots. This design disperses loads better than any other system on the market. Continue reading *NEW* Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

Motorcycle Rider vs Wet Weather : A Comparison Lineup of Premium Men’s Waterproof Boots

Here is a Comparison Lineup of Premium Men’s Waterproof Boots.  Below are 4 premium waterproof boots that are ready to tackle anything you toss at them.  Take a look at a comparison between;  AXO Freedom GT Boots,  Gaerne G-RT Aquatech Boots,  TCX Infinity Gore-Tex Boots, and the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots.


Retail Price : $250.00

Our lowest priced boots from the High-End Mens Waterproof Boots Comparison are the AXO Freedom GT boots,  which would work great for a touring or adventure rider.  These books have good ankle support and are lined with a waterproof lining.  The Freedom GT boot uses the BOA lacing system.  So,  rather than having a sipper or laces,  this boot is tightened with a steel cable lacing system.  You twist the BOA knob for even support.  A quick pull of the knob and all the tension is released for easy removal.  The Freedom GT has protection on the toe box,  heel cup,  shin plate,  and protection around the ankle bones,  making these a great pair of boots for many different types of riding.  Take a peak what we can offer these boots at.  If you are looking for a bit more of a street look,  check out the Gaerne G-RT Aquatech.



Retail Price  :  $272.95

Gaerne G-RT AquatechGaerne has utilized the engineering of a Drytech liner that extends about 3/4 up the boot,  making the G-RT a game changer in wet conditions.  These boots have a full grain leather upper constructions that help the Aquatech remain durable and comfortable.  With a street look and a touring feel,  these boots will battle the chilly winds and rainy days without hesitation.  For protection;  replaceable toe and ankle sliders and a wraparound heel cup allow the Gaerne GRT Aquatech the ability to handle the occasional track days.  This boot is certainly not an adventure boot,  however,  it should be able to withstand a few light dual sport days. For a high-end boot that is waterproof,  the Gaerne G-RT Aquatech is listed at a great price with great features–  check to see what price we can let these go for.  But if you are looking for a little more support,  the TCX Infinity would be a great Adventure Boot choice.


TCX Infinity Gore-Tex Boots

Retail Price: $359.99

TCX Infinity Gore-Tex Boots are equipped with  Gore-Tex®.  For this price,  lined with Gore-Tex,  you can’t beat it.  This is a top notch boot ready to tackle all different terrains.  These boots would be a great choice for the touring rider,  but could also hold up as an adventure boot,  however,  it doesn’t have a lugged sole.  This Infinity boot is extremely lightweight and flexible, which makes it very comfortable on or off the bike.  Remaining lightweight, the TCX still maintains protections qualities.  The Infinity Gore-Tex Boots have malleolus protection,  shin place,  and suede leather on the side of the boot for protection against your bikes hot engine parts.  For a High-End Waterproof Boot,  check out the Sidi Rain Boots!


Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

Retail Price: $400

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are one of my favorite dual sport boots available.  Sidi is known for making quality boots.  They tend to be priced a bit higher, but with Sidi,  you get what you pay for.  Sidi sets standards in motorcycle boots by providing top of the line boots while using top of the line materials.  With the Sidi Adventure Rain,  you will own a great Adventure Boot,  that can handle the wet asphalt roads or muddy back roads.  The Adventure Rain has internal heel protection and a malleolus external guard to keep your feet safe.  These boots have a shock resistant heel that provides security in an unexpected event.  The Adventure rain is also constructed with top quality cam-lock buckles,  that can be replaced.  Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are gorgeous and engineered to perfection.  If you want an even higher quality Sidi Adventure Rain Boots,  they are also available with a Gore-Tex lining : Adventure Gore-Tex Boots.  These boots are certainly work a look and their price tag.  You won’t be disappointed!


Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are Top Shelf Quality

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots are a top shelf selection in the mens waterproof boots category.  The Sidi Adventure Boots are easily one of my favorite dual sport boots available.  Sidi is known for making quality boots.  They tend to be priced a bit higher, but with Sidi,  you get what you pay for.  Sidi sets standards in motorcycle boots by providing top of the line; quality,  durability,  engineering,  materials,  dependability,  and innovation that is always splashed with a very nice design.

As the name states,  get ready for Adventure,  don’t be afraid of the Rain.  These ingeniously constructed boots have a waterproof membrane that will keep your feet dry and feelin’ right.  Built with on and off road in mind,  the Adventure Rain boot has been plastered in safety and security.  Superior engineering that can handle the long touring trips or that weekend of off road excitement.  Top grain leather and Lorica construction,  internal heel protection,  and a malleolus external guard to enhance the security of those small foot bones.  Also,  for comfort and security,  a rigid,  shock resistant heel provides serious assurance if an unexpected event were to happen.  The buckle system is constructed of a top quality cam-lock buckle system that will hold up to any beating you can put it through.  Now,  if you get a little crazy and battle something not so forgiving,  the buckle system is replaceable.  With all this protection and fine leather design,  they can be a little squeaky out of the box.  Piece of advice for those boots that talk to you each step of the way,  lather some leather oil on them and voila—  squeak free.  Boots that talk to you,  are just telling you that they are built for high speed protection,  so,  get back on the bike.

Overall,  these boots are a great choice if you tackle the price tag.  Well worth taking a few weeks off from fine dining to put away some extra loot for the Sidi Adventure Rain Boots.  Top of the line.  Top Quality.  Top Shelf.  These wonderfully engineered boots are also available with a Gore-Tex® membrane,  the Sidi Adventure Gore-Tex Boots will get you there and back without question–   check ’em out!  If you can gather the required coinage for these boots,  or even the Gore-Tex® version,  you will not be disappointed.  For you ladies,  or for your ladies,  check out some womens Sidi boots. Sidi sets the bar high for all motorcycle boot companies.  Grab these boots today.  You will absolutely love them.  If not,  and you wear a size 10,  leave a comment and maybe we can work out a deal.  Any other questions,  just drop a comment down there and we will answer it.  We know the answers to your questions.  If we don’t,  someone in this office surely does.  Let us help you.  Pick up the phone and call,  that works too.  Or click the mouse and get the Adventure Rain boots today!