Georgia Law Could be Passed for Motorcycles at Stop Lights

red_lightRed lights, who needs them? Lawmakers in Georgia are proposing a bill that would allow motorcycles to run red lights. Kind of.

The new law, proposed by Georgia legislator Ann Purcell, would require motorcycles to come to a complete stop at a red light. The motorcycle would then have to wait 60 seconds and check for traffic before proceeding through the light.

60 seconds might seem like a long time to wait, but many red lights don’t see motorcycles. If you’re stopped at one of those stubborn lights, you have two choices; break the law and run the light, or weight for a car to pull up beside you.

“When you get an inoperable signal, you can sit there all night if you want to,” said Purcell.

The Georgia law would allow for motorcyclists to run those red lights, without risking a ticket.

A few other states have similar legislation, and in California, a new law requires stoplights to be fitted with new sensors that can see motorcycles. Kansas also just passed a “red dead” law that would allow motorcycles to run red lights.

Georgia may be showing some motorcycle appreciation with their new red light law, but they also created a stir earlier in the week with “motorcycle only checkpoints.”