Voltra, the Future is Now

DanAnderson-Voltra Dan Anderson famed designer of the electric motorcycle Voltra granted us a few minutes of his time to answer some questions on his awe inspiring design work.

Allaboutbikes.com – What inspired this design?

Dan Anderson – The design was inspired by cafe racers from the 1950s-1970s. The project was really about taking what is, in the eyes of the majority of the motorcycling community, a culturally sterile technology and using design to create a sense of tradition and appeal around that technology. Another challenge was creating a design which while embodying the depth of cultural value and tradition in motorcycling, could still display a new style of its own.

Allaboutbikes.com – Is this the dream bike you would like to build?

Dan Anderson – In terms of being my dream bike to build, I would say it is ‘a’ dream bike to build- but come on! How can you have just one! There is so much to do in terms of motorcycle design and each build is a step to the next!

Allaboutbikes.com – What funding would be required to build this motorcycle?

Dan Anderson – Funding required to make the project a reality has not been confirmed. It depends exactly what the company developing the design wants to achieve. A rideable, registerable prototype is obviously going to require a different level of funding than a fully sorted, publicly available standards and regulations compliant motorcycle. It would certainly be great fun to make even a simple working prototype!

Allaboutbikes.com – What are the specs of this motorcycle, estimated range, top speed etc?

Dan Anderson – The motorcycle uses lithium-ion phosphate batteries, riding time (depending on average riding style) approx. 90 minutes. Full charge – 2 hours. Torque: 129 Nm, Weight: 200 kg,  Top speed: over 200 km / h.

Allaboutbikes.com – How did you conceive such a work of art?

Dan Anderson – The design was conceived simply as a way of bringing the past and the future together.

See more detailed information on the Voltra at http://www.coroflot.com/dananderson/Voltra-Motorcycle-/1

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com