Wanna Join my Club


Tom Cruise rides motorcycles; he has several in his collection a Confederate Hellcat, a few Ducatis and a Triumph to round out the list. He has ridden many motorcycles in many of his movies; one of the most memorable was Top Gun where he rode a Kawasaki Ninja 900.  Earlier this year Zach Efron, who may be starring the upcoming movie Akira, and Tom Cruise ran into each other at a talent agency and Tom Cruise invited Zach out to ride some of his machines. Zach took him up on the offer and now knows how to ride motorcycles, way to go Tom!

DavidBeckham-Motorcyle David Beckham also owns a Confederate Hellcat, a Harley V-Rod, and possibly a Ducati Monster 1100 in his motorcycle collection.  David Beckham and Tom Cruise have been seen riding motorcycles together. This all leads up to the next item running around the rumor control mill, David Beckham and Tom Cruise form Midnight Boys Bike Club for A-list Bikers. Maybe they will invite Zach Efron into the special members only group and we must not forget Paris Hilton since she is getting into MotoGP so she would be a great person to round out the list.

Lets put an end to this now; they are all involved with motorcycles. Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Zach Efron and Paris Hilton all ride motorcycles but I do not think a special bikers club is anywhere on the near horizon.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com