Live Updates From Infineon: AMA Daytona Sporbikes Race 2

Jason_DiSalvo_qualifying_SaturdayJosh Herrin will be back on the grid today and is sure to give Jason DiSalvo, Jake Holden, and Danny Eslick some extra competition. Herrin was given a one race suspension after the Daytona 200 for causing a crash that wrecked Dane Westby.

DiSalvo is the favorite heading into the second race of the weekend. DiSalvo won race 1 at Infineon for the Daytona Sportbike class, and looked pretty fast during the warm-up session. DiSalvo also won the opening race of the 2011 Daytona Sportbike series and will be looking to make it three consecutive race wins in a row this afternoon.

The riders are out on the grid.

  • Row 1: Disalvo / Odom / Holden / Galster
  • Rw 2: Westby / Villa / Eslick / Jacobsen
  • Row 3: Herrin / Knapp / Beaubier / Aquino

There’s a slight drizzle on the far end of the track, but it looks like the green flag will fly soon.

The Daytona Sportbike have taken off on their warm up lap and are now sitting on the grid.

And they’re off!

Josh Herrin jumps off the line and takes the lead from DiSalvo.

Herrin holds the lead throughout lap 1.

Herrin runs wide and Holden slips into first.


Huge crash for Jake Holden. Bike does multiple flips into the air fence, but Holden looks unscathed.

Lap 3: Holden was leading throughout the third lap, but hands the lead over to Herrin.

Herrin / Eslick / DiSalvo / West

Eslick passes Herrin – Herrin passes Eslick. DiSalvo rides the tail of the top two.

Lap 6: The red flag is flown. It looks like some rain is coming down on the farside of the track.

The red flag is indeed for surface conditions. There is rain on turn 6 and 7. The AMA is red flagging the race to assess the situation. The AMA will also remove Holden’s bike from turn 6, as it is an impact area.

All corner stations are reporting dry conditions. The rae will resume shortly with 17 laps remaining.

The bikes are now off the grid as it continues to drizzle at Infineon.

Race officials have given the ok to proceed. Three minutes until the warm-up lap.

The riders are back on the trap doing a warm-up lap. They’ll proceed to the grid shortly for the race re-start.

Grid: Herrin / DiSalvo / Eslick / West

And they’re off! Again.

DiSalvo takes the lead from Herrin.

DiSalvo goes way wide and hands the lead back to Herrin. DiSalvo drops back to fourth place.

Lap 6: Herrin – Eslick – West – Beaubier – DiSalvo

Eslick ducks under Herrin to take the lead.

Beaubier blows wide on turn nine and drops back behind the leading pack.

There is less than a second between the top four riders as they lap around the Infineon track in the 1’40s.

Herrin, Eslick and DiSalvo lead the way around the Infineon track.

Lap 8: Herrin – Eslick – DiSalvo. The top three riders cross the line within .3 seconds of eachother.

DiSalvo takes the lead on Lap 9 by setting the fastest lap of the race. DiSalvo is the only rider so far to drop below 1’40.

DiSalvo stretches the lead to three bike lengths ahead of Herrin and Eslick.

Rider down. Tyler Odom falls on the track and nearly gets hit by the passing motorcycles.

Odom is up and off the track. Odom was in 7th when he went down.

DiSalvo builds his lead as Eslick and Herrin battle for second behind him.

DiSalvo has close to two seconds ahead of Eslick and Herrin.

Lap 13: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobesen – Beaubier – West – Aquino

DiSalvo and Eslick are both lapping in the high 1’39s. Herrin is starting to fall behind.

DiSalvo is putting the hammer down. Sets another fastest lap with a 1’39.5 lap time.

The top three riders are sitting comfortable in their current positions. DiSalvo has a two second gap in front of Eslick. Eslick has a four second gap in front of Herrin.

Lap 16: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobsen – West – Beaubier – Aquino – Westby – Knapp

Four laps to go. Eslick will have to make his move now if he wants to catch up to DiSalvo.

Herrin has dropped to more than 10 seconds behind Eslick. It should be a DiSalvo, Eslick, Herrin podium.

Herrin cut a half second off of Disalvos lead. He could catch him at the end.

Lap 20: DiSalvo – Eslick – Herrin – Jacobsen – West – Beaubier – Aquino – Westby – Knapp

One lap to go. DiSalvo has really turned it up at the end, and now has a three second lead ahead of Eslick.

DiSalvo nearly loses control on turn 9. He has just enough space to secure the victory.

DiSalvo does the double at Infineon!

AMA Daytona Sportbike Results – Infineon Race 2

  1. DiSalvo
  2. Eslick
  3. Herrin
  4. Jacobsen
  5. West
  6. Beaubier
  7. Aquino
  8. Westby
  9. Knapp
  10. Allston

Full report to follow.

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Atlas Wins Both TTXGP Opening Races at Infineon

Steve_Atlas_BrammoSteve Atlas and his Brammo motorcycle were untouchable during the opening round of the 2011 TTXGP series. Atlas took the win during Saturday’s race, and backed up his performance with another impressive win on Sunday.

Atlas and the Brammo team had little competition at Infineon. Only four riders took to the grid this weekend, as the Lighting team and the Mission Motors team both scratched before race day.

But even with limited competition, Brammo and Atlas showed the speed of electric bikes. Atlas set the track record today at the Infineon circuit on his way to victory number two.

Atlas set a 1’55.50 lap time around the Infineon circuit, breaking the previous record (set by Zero Agni in 2010) by nearly two seconds.

TTXGP Race 1 Results

  1. Steve Atlas (Brammo)
  2. Thad Wolf (Moto Electric)
  3. Kenyon Kluge (VOLT)
  4. Ely Schless (Proto Moto)

TTXGP Race 2 Results

  1. Steve Atlas (Brammo)
  2. Thad Wolf (Moto Electric)
  3. Kenyon Kluge (VOLT)
  4. Ely Schless (Proto Moto)

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Hopkins Makes History: First American to Win BSB Race

john_hopkins_oulton_parkJohn Hopkins made history twice today. Hopkins became the first American racer to step onto the podium in the British Superbike series during race 1 at Oulton Park. Shortly after, Hopkins upped his efforts and became the first American to win a race in the BSB. Hopkins beat out Stuart Easton and Shane Byrne to claim his historic victory.

Hopkins rode in the top five throughout the race, and was finally able to capture the lead on the penultimate lap. Hopkins was able to hold onto the lead to win his maiden BSB race by .2 seconds ahead of Easton.

Shane Byrne was also able to give a late race push to take the final spot on the podium, beating out his teammate and race 1 winner Ryuichi Kiyonari by a tenth of a second.

Michael Laverty, who led the race with just two laps remaining, made a mistake on the final lap and dropped down to fifth place.

British Superbike Race Results – Oulton Park

  1. John Hopkins
  2. Stuart Easton +0.221s
  3. Shane Byrne +0.521s
  4. Ryuichi Kiyonari +0.633s
  5. Michael Laverty +1.026s
  6. Michael Rutter +2.930s
  7. Jon Kirkham + 2.949s
  8. Peter Hickman +7.183s
  9. Loris Baz +7.326s
  10. Gary Mason +7.293s

British Superbike Standings

  1. Shane Byrne – 70
  2. Stuart Easton – 59
  3. Ryuichi Kiyonari – 58
  4. John Hopkins – 56
  5. Tommy Hill – 45

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King Kiyo Captures Race 1 Win at Oulton Park

hopkins-oulton_parkRyuichi Kiyonari claimed his first win of the 2011 British Superbike season today, riding his HM Plant Honda to victory by more than 4 seconds ahead of John Hopkins, who became the first American to podium in the BSB.

“I am very happy, especially as it had been very difficult here to find a good setting for the race,” Kiyonari said. “Everyone in the team has worked very hard, me too as I wanted to push harder. They worked late into the night after qualifying to solve the problems we had so it was good work and I want the same in race two.”

Kiyonari claimed the speedy fastest lap award while climbing his way through the pack, eventually overtaking John Laverty on the 11th lap.

Laverty would fall a few more places as Hopkins and Stuart Easton were determined to make it to the podium. Hopkins eventually climbed to the second step, and became the first American to podium in a British Superbike race.

“That was a really good race; the guys in the Samsung Crescent Racing team have worked really hard to give me a great bike again this weekend,” Hopkins said. “To come here to a track like this, which was never going to be easy, and be so competitive is just so good for us.”

Kiyonari’s teammate, Shane Byrne, took fourth place ahead of Laverty.

British Superbike Race Results – Oulton Park

  1. Ryuichi Kiyonari
  2. John Hopkins +4.150s
  3. Stuart Easton +4.336s
  4. Shane Byrne +4.646s
  5. Michael Laverty +4.684s
  6. Josh Brookes +5.105s
  7. Jon Kirkham +13.582s
  8. Loris Baz +16.637s
  9. Gary Mason +19.108s
  10. Dan Linfoot +19.452s

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Bradl Beats Simon For Estoril Win

bradl_wins_in_estorilStefan Bradl took his second win of the 2011 racing season today by a narrow margin ahead of Julian Simon. Yuki Takahashi completed the podium with an emotional race following the tragic loss of his brother.

Bradl started the race from the pole position, his third time this season, but was never able to pull ahead for a comfortable lead. Simon was always close behind, and in the last few laps the two but on an entertaining battle for the race win. Bradl was able to hold off Simon, however, and won his second race of the season by .1 seconds.

There was a big gap behind the top two riders, allowing Yuki Takahashi to coast to third place. It was a powerful and emotional return to the podium for Takahashi, who lost his brother in a car accident last week.

Dominique Aegerter achieved his best result in the Moto2 so far with a fourth place finish, beating out Simon Corsi by a few tenths of a second.

Andrea Iannone, who is currently second in the standings, was on his way to victory before he crashed with a few laps to go. Iannone was able to pickup his bike and restart, but was only able to muster a 13th place finish, 42 seconds behind the leader.

Moto2 Race Results – Estoril

  1. Bradl
  2. Simon
  3. Takahashi
  4. Aegerter
  5. Corsi
  6. Espargaro
  7. Krummenacher
  8. Baldolini
  9. Di Meglio
  10. Rabat

Moto2 Standings

  1. Bradl – 61
  2. Iannone – 48
  3. Corsi -37
  4. Luthi -36
  5. Simon -36
  6. Takahashi – 27
  7. De Angelis – 26
  8. Smith – 20
  9. Aegerter – 16
  10. Pirro -15

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