Paris Hilton Celebrates Maverick Vinales Victory at Valencia

paris_hilton_trophyFor her first year of being a motorcycle owner, Paris Hilton did a pretty good job. Both riders on the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team finished in the top 10 at the end of the 2011 125cc MotoGP championship. Maveric Vinales took the final win of the season to claim third in the championship while Sergio Gadeo also had a good season to finish in 9th.

Hilton tweeted:

“OMG!!! My Paris Hilton Racing Team Rider Maverick Vinales just won First Place in the #Motogp Grand Prix Finals! #YESSSS!!!!! So exciting!”

Hilton spent the weekend in Valencia with her MotoGP team. She even worked as a grid girl for Maverick before the race.


Paris celebrated the accomplishments of her team at Valencia, but she also paid tribute to fallen rider Marco Simoncelli.

Paris tweeted:

“In honor of The #MotoGP Legend Marco Simoncelli, I am wearing his #58. You are in all our hearts & minds.”


Hilton also presented a painting in honor of Marco.


Paris tweeted:

“Standing up on the podium at The #Motogp Finals with all the winners felt amazing! So proud of my rider for winning First Place! #YES!”


Hilton hasn’t announced any specific plans for 2012, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving the MotoGP.

The star tweeted:

“I love expanding my business empire. Especially in the field of MotoGP sports. So exciting to watch!”


Hilton got a lot of criticism for starting a MotoGP team at the start of the year, because, well, she’s Paris Hilton. And apparently being a reality star negates your ability to own a team. But Hilton brings attention, money, and racing talent to the sport. If she can continue to put riders on the podium, any criticism of Hilton in the motorcycle world should start to vanish.

More on Paris Hilton’s MotoGP Team

hilton As we discussed earlier this week, much to the disgust of most of the real motorcycle world, Paris Hilton is to join up with BQR to form a racing team in Motogp next year for the 125cc class. The team will be named SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton.

We should expect more press and attendance at the 125 class races if she’ll be making appearances with the team. On December 13th, Paris tweeted “I Love Motorcycles :) ”  firing off the opening comment to her 3-million plus fans.

The riders for the team will be Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales with the lead mechanic Rossano Brazzi. Sergio Gadea rode in the Moto2 series last year with Ponz Kalex and Maverick Viñales, who took his first National Championship title at just 15 years of age, are bound to taking several podiums in the next season.  Rossano Brazzi,  former chief mechanic to Valentino Rossi, Luca Cadalora, and Marco Melandri, will keep the motorcycles running for the heiress.

I personally don’t think that Hilton will make any significant impact on the sport. It will, however, give her a valid excuse to walk around in leathers.

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Paris Hilton Unveils Pink MotoGP Motorcycle

There is nothing more intimidating then a screeching pink MotoGP motorcycle tearing around the track. Did I say intimidating? Maybe I meant laughable. I guess we’ll find out when this beautiful pink machine takes the 125cc MotoGP circuit next year.


A Paris Hilton motorcycle team may be a little difficult to take seriously, but you have got to give Hilton some credit. She is getting a lot of people to talk about the MotoGP that weren’t before. Even if they’re saying things like, “are you f*&#ng serious.”

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Moto3 Class Confirmed for 2012

The International Motorcycling Federation officially announced a new Moto3 race class to replace the 125cc class in the 2012 season.
250cc four-strokes to replace 125cc two-stroke class

The FIM’s Grand Prix Commission met Aug. 14 during the MotoGP round at the Czech Rebulic’s Brno circuit and finalized the structure of the new Moto3 class. The new class will feature motorcycles powered by single-cylinder 250cc four-stroke engines with a maximum bore of 81mm. Moto3 will replace the 125cc class as the third tier of the Grand Prix World Championships in 2012, joining the Moto2 class and the premier MotoGP class.

Moto3 engines should be engineered to last at least three races, and should cost not cost more than a specified amount, tentatively set to be 10,000 euros (US$12,900). Unlike the single-spec Moto2 class, the Moto3 class will be open to multiple manufacturers. Each participating manufacturer is expected to be able to supply engines for at least 15 riders.

As previously established, the 2012 season will also see the MotoGP class switch to 1000cc engines from the current 800cc engines. The Moto2 class, which debuted this year, uses single-spec 600cc Honda engines. The new Moto3 class will also signal the end of the two-stroke Grand prix era.

The Grand Prix Commission also established a new exception to the MotoGP class’ engine limit rule. Normally, MotoGP teams are limited to six engines per rider for the entire 18-race season. At Brno, the Grand Prix Commission announced manufacturers from the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association which did not win at least two dry races in 2008 and 2009 will be allowed to use up to nine engines.

Suzuki is the beneficiary of the new exception, as it is the only manufacturer currently taking part in MotoGP that has not won a race in the last two seasons. Rizla Suzuki riders Loris Capirossi and Alvaro Bautista are already near the six engine limit with eight of 18 rounds remaining in the season. Riders using engines beyond the set limit will be penalized by having to start races from the end of pit lane with a ten second penalty.

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