The All New Scorpion EXO-1100 – Taking it for a Spin

I’ve been a fan of Scorpion helmets for a long time.  The amount of features that they are able to pack into each helmet is really impressive, and they do it all at a price level that is significantly less than the competition.  I spent two years in an EXO-700, and my wife grabs her EXO-400 more often than not.  So as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to hear that Scorpion was releasing a new EXO-1100, a replacement for their flagship EXO-1000 that has done very well over the years.


The EXO-1100 is Scorpion’s top of the line street helmet, with just about every feature you could ask for built in.  One of the downfalls of the EXO-1000 was its weight.  On our shipping scale, it weighed in at a hefty 4.0 lbs.  The weight was noticeable, especially if you were accustomed to a lighter weight helmet.  For the EXO-1100, Scorpion has moved away from the Snell certification and gone with the European ECE R22.05 standard.  This changeover has allowed Scorpion to shave ¼ lb off the weight of the EXO-1100.  While ¼ lb may not sound like a lot, when it is sitting on top of your head, it is actually a significant weight savings.


Another key change for the new Scorpion EXO-1100 is the new channel layout in the EPS liner.  While the external vent configuration has remained more or less the same, the new channels in the liner do a better job at getting that air to your head.  At highway speeds, the ventilation was easily felt over a large area of my head, a marked improvement over the EXO-1000.  Of course, with this good ventilation comes a bit more wind noise, but that is a tradeoff that you make with any helmet.  The neck roll in the EXO-1100 helmet has also been redesigned with a lower profile which makes it easier to get the helmet on and off.  It is also designed to provide a better seal around the base of the helmet, which is critical when it comes to unwanted wind noise in a helmet.  The EXO-1100 also contains Scorpion’s well liked Airfit cheekpad inflation system.  A small air pump is located in the chinbar of the helmet, which inflates air bladders behind the cheekpads.  A few quick presses of the air pump bulb, and you have a custom fit helmet.  I noticed that with the cheekpads inflated to a comfortable level there was also a significant reduction in wind and road noise, which is a definite bonus.


Scorpion’s Speedview Internal Sunvisor is yet another design element that sets the Scorpion EXO 1100 apart from other helmets in this price range.  Easily deployed with gloves on, the internal shield is there when you need it, and adds a lot of convenience when your rides take you from day to night-time, or even through varied light conditions such as a thick forest.  The internal shield that is supplied with the EXO-1100 is a light smoke, with Dark Smoke, Amber, and Blue being available as optional add-ons.  Both the Speedview Sunvisor and the external face-shield supplied with Scorpion’s proprietary Everclear anti-fog treatment.  I can say from personal experience that this is hands down the best anti-fog shield treatment on the market.  The only time I had an issue was in very cold, rainy conditions in Florida, while sitting at a light or in traffic for extended periods of time with the shield closed.  Even then, the shield doesn’t really fog, it will rather just get pushed to the point of collecting condensation on the inside.  In extreme situations such as this, there is a chinbar vent that directs air to the face-shield as well as a shield locking lever that can also be used to crack the shield for some extra airflow.  The built in breath deflector will also help direct your breath away from the shield, while the venturi vents in the chinbar draw warm air and moisture out of that area.  All of those elements of the EXO-1100 work together to provide you with excellent, clear vision.  Another great advantage to the internal visor is you can ride with your face-shield completely open while retaining eye protection – a great feature for extremely hot weather.  Speaking of hot weather, Scorpion has upgraded the liner of the EXO-1100 to their Kwick-Wick II liner.  This micro-suede lining is moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and easily removable for cleaning.  I found this lining to be very comfortable against the skin and it did its job keeping me dry and comfortable during my hot afternoon commute.


Overall we have found the Scorpion EXO-1100 to have some significant improvements over the EXO-1000, which was already a very good helmet.  The EXO-1100 takes it one step farther, with a package that is more refined, feature packed, and a lot lighter than its predecessor.  The EXO-1100 is available in several well done graphic options as well as solids, there is sure to be one that catches your eye.  You can view all Scorpion EXO-1100 helmet options available in our online store.


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