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Want a FREE $270 Jacket? Who doesn’t right..

Well now you can get one. Just upload your favorite picture of you and your bike. ( or any bike for that matter ) and you are entered to win your choice of a ( ANY ) Current Tourmaster jacket. ( click the link below )

you can see them at

Once your picture is uploaded other users can VOTE and rate the image.
The winner will be the one with a combination of the most votes and the highest ranking.. ( so tell your friends to vote for you )


Uploads start on NOV 08, 2010 and ends NOV 30, 2010
Voting starts on NOV 08, 2010 and ends DEC 7, 2010

6 thoughts on “Win A Free Tourmaster Jacket

  1. It would be great to look through these photos, but your links seem to be dead. Cannot scroll through the pages. Also, the rules for upload state: UPLOAD RULES: 1. Bikes only (On Road, Off Road, Racing, Trial, etc) 2. No people in photo’s…., will all the photos that have people in them not be considered in the contest?


    1. @ TAH
      The links on the top of this post have been fixed, the scrolling arrows on my side are working. You may want to enable cookies and allow popups for this site. We dont have any spam pop ups that will be opening, but some other people had the same issues and once they did that it worked for them.
      As for the rules, I contacted many people who posted pics with themselves or others in the picture, and they mentioned the rules on the post your pic page weren’t clearly noticeable therefore they didn’t see them. So all pictures are being considered and voted on and the only thing I am doing is if people post 2-3 pictures of the same bike I am cutting it down to 1.
      Thank you for bringing that up.


      1. Just wanted to mention, at the top of this page is says to upload pics of you and your bike, etc. Not sure if you just change that, which is why people are probably posting people in the images.

        Also, I do not think it is a good idea to have peoples email visible when you click on their images to vote. Just saying.


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