6 Premium Motorcycle Helmets Under $600

So you’re looking to purchase a high end motorcycle helmet, but need a little help narrowing down which one is right for you?  In this buying guide, we take a look at 6 premium motorcycle helmets selling for under $600.

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How to Clean a Helmet

Dirty rider – dirty lid

It is simply a fact of life: If you ride, your helmet will get dirty. It is just part of the nature of being exposed to the elements on your motorcycle. Rain, bugs, dust, mud, sweat, and oils from your skin and hair can lead to a very grimy helmet. Simply throwing your helmet in the closet after you have sweat in it all day can lead to some serious funk, follow these steps for how to clean your motorcycle helmet. We’ll also show you ways you probably shouldn’t, just for kicks.  So check out the video below, and read on for an in depth lesson on helmet cleanliness!

First, gather together the supplies you’ll need:

  • A few good microfiber wash cloths (non-abrasive paper towels will work in a pinch)
  • Warm water (a kitchen sink works great)
  • A mild soap such as antibacterial dish detergent or baby shampoo (avoid any petroleum or ammonia based cleaners)
  • Cleaner Polish, Wax Detailer, and your favorite automotive wax (optional)

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The New Vega X380, a Vintage Styled Open Face Helmet

That retro open face style seems to be coming back in style and Vega has a new helmet that fits the mold. So if you’re looking for a vintage lid, check out the Vega X380 Helmet in either black, white with a blue stripe or with cool sticker graphics and see which fits your personality best.

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Intricate Graphics Top the Z1R Venom Helmets

Full protection and an affordable price is what you’ll get with the Z1R Venom Helmets. Available in several colorways, check out this full face helmet to see if we have one to suit you. Constructed of an advanced ABS/Polycarbonate shell that is DOT approved, this helmet sports a dual density EPS liner to keep your noggin safe, along with a removable Heal-Tec liner to keep you comfy. Several vents keep your head cool, while a fog-free shield allows you to see the road ahead at all times.

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