Protecting My Eyes with the Bobster Zoe Convertible Womens Sunglasses

Sun, rain, wind and debris…all the things you must keep out of your eyes when you’re riding. I rode with the new Bobster Zoe Convertible Womens Sunglasses on my recent four day bike trip and they offered up great protection, because I encountered all four on my trip!

Cute, stylish and comfy, they have foam all the way around each eye port to keep stuff out and they have an added bonus of being convertible. With the click of a button, you can take the stems off and snap into place the goggle strap, which makes them really versatile to wear with helmets. Also made for ladies is the Bobster Ava Convertible Sunglasses, which are similar but have a different frame shape so you can choose which looks better on you.


Bobster has a variety of eye protection for men and women, so take a look at all they have to offer. If you’re looking for something different, check out our complete selection of Googles and Eyewear, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your riding needs. Also check out my review video below to see all the details of these cute, comfortable motorcycle glasses to see if they might just be what you are looking for.

Motorcycle gear shown in above picture:
Fly Racing 357 Half Helmet
Cortech LRX Air 2 Womens Jacket
Cortech DX2 Womens Gloves
GoPro Hero 3 HD Camera


Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers Kept My Feet Dry

Unfortunately last weekend I got rained on while riding, but fortunately I had the Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers stashed with my rain suit. This is the first time I had ever ridden with rain gators on but I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t interfere with my riding.
I was nervous that they may obstruct my ability to shift or be slippery on the wet pavement but neither was true. The waterproof material was non-slip in the vital areas and thin enough that it didn’t add any bulk. Easy to pull on, with a zipper & snap, plus a velcro storm flap, they stayed in place and kept my feet dry. Now to keep the rest of your body dry, check out the variety of motorcycle raingear we have to offer on our website. Tourmaster has some great suits, such as the Tourmaster Defender 2-Piece Rainsuit, that will perfectly compliment these waterproof overboots also. But to see this pair up close, check out my review video below.

Cute, Bright Icon Mil Spec Corset (Vest) for Ladies

If you’re looking for a bright motorcycle vest to keep you visible while riding, then we have one for you. The Icon Mil Spec Corset for Women comes in a Hi-Viz Yellow or a Hot Pink that’s sure to get you noticed while on your bike.
















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Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuits for Men & Women

Riding in the rain is not fun, but it’s even worse if you don’t have your rain gear with you, so make sure you have a Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit tucked away on your bike all the times.

Constructed of a soft polyester outer shell with a PVC backing, this 100% waterproof set will keep you dry in all kinds of wet weather. A soft corduroy lined collar, comfortable nylon interior and adjustments make it easy to wear over your clothes while riding. Plus the Joe Rocket RS-2 Two Piece Rainsuit for Women has been specifically cut to fit a womens body, which makes it extra comfy for us girls.  With a rear exhaust vent in the jacket to keep you cool, reflective piping for visibility,  large zippered gussets at the legs to make it easy to get in/out of and heat resistant material on the inner lower legs, this motorcycle rain gear has all you need to outsmart Mother Nature. Take a closer look at this rainsuit by watching the below video and let us know what you think.

Schuberth SRC Systems Review

If you own a Schuberth Helmet you know how great their equipment is. Well when it’s time to upgrade by adding a communication system, they’ve made it easy to pick out the one that is right for your motorcycle helmet.

In the below video you will get a step by step guide of how to install the Schuberth SRC System C3 Pro Bluetooth Headset. Plus you’ll get a glance at the original Schuberth SRC  System C3  Bluetooth Headset and the Schuberth SRC System S2 Bluetooth Headset. For more details regarding what these systems can do while you’re out riding, check out each of their web pages which will explain all the great features on each communication system.