Summer Motorcycle Boots

Looking for a Summer Motorcycle Boot can be a challenge.  The 2013 Summer Boot Buying Guide is here to help you understand the different types of boots that you may want to think about when the warmer weather starts to push in.  In this video, Reuben discusses a few different summer boots in three  different categories;  Summer Sport Boots,  Touring Boots and Waterproof Touring Boots.  Check out the buying guide below!

Summer Motorcycle Pants


I’m not sure why, but it seems like many riders tend to overlook good pants when they are shopping for their motorcycle gear. I’ll agree a good helmet and gloves, a jacket and boots should probably come first – after all, a skinned up knee is much better than a concussion (or worse), but that doesn’t mean your kit shouldn’t cover your entire body. Motorcycle gear serves two main functions: To protect the rider from injury in case of a crash, and to provide the rider with comfort and protection from the elements. Continue reading Summer Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle Gear 101

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Motorcycle Gear 101 is a starting point for you riders that just entered the motorcycle world,  which will consume you until it becomes an addiction.  Maybe you haven’t been on a bike in years and are ready to throw the leg over the saddle again,  but don’t really know where to start.  If you want to avoid my ramble,  scroll on down and check out our break down of motorcycle gear basics. Continue reading Motorcycle Gear 101

Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide

A Motorcycle Rain Suit is one of those things you know you should probably have, but kick yourself for not buying when you are caught out on the road when the rain starts to come down.  Not all rain suits are created equal, either.  In this guide, we take a look at the differences between the different types of materials used, different price points, and what each feature can mean for you when you are stuck in the rain.

With motorcycle rain suits, you essentially have 3 types of construction:

Tourmaster PVC
Tourmaster PVC Rainsuit

PVC Rain Suits are the least expensive types you can buy.  They are very basic, pack down small, and get the job done when you need to stay dry.  There are some downsides to this material, however.  PVC melts extremely easily, and most inexpensive PVC Rain Suits do not have any type of heat shielding – so you will probably want avoid this style if your bike has exposed pipes.  PVC is also the least durable – once it has a hole or a tear, the wind tends to make quick work of destroying the rain suit.  Since they aren’t too expensive to buy, this may not be a total deal breaker.  PVC Rain Suits are a great option if you need that “just in case” rain suit that probably won’t see too much ride time.  They also block wind more than any other type in this comparison – making them one of the warmest options, good for winter time, not so great for summer thunderstorms.

Polyurethane backed Polyester

Continue reading Motorcycle Rain Suit Buying Guide