Customer Review Spotlight – AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

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Today’s customer review on the  AeroMoto Renegade Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Display Name: LarryC   CO               Good Value
Cons: Order a half size larger
Date Submitted: July 9th, 2014
Pros:  Very nice boot.

I’m pleased with the fit and comfort of this boot. The zipper works well and the boots required very little break-in. Went thru some trials getting exactly what I wanted, but CompAcc customer service stuck with me. First pair had the wrong model boot in the box I received, then on the second try the left boot was too tight. On the third time around the fit was great. Glad I stuck it out because I eventually ended up with exactly what I wanted. Like other Aeromoto branded products, these boots seem like a really good value. These boots are actually more comfortable than a much more expensive pair of Gaernes that I have. As it turned out my customer service associate wore the same size shoe as me and went to the warehouse and actually tried on the boots to make sure all was well. Now that’s customer service

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Sidi Discovery Rain Boots Review from

discoveryrain_718_detailThis just In….

Our friends at recently tested and reviewed these boots for us and were more than pleased with the quality and price.

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Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boot Review

When looking for a new pair of motorcycle boots, it would be best to be able to try out the item first.  What’s the next best thing? A review from our friends at WebBikeWorld.

Check out what they had to say about the Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boots available only at Competition Accessories. Aeromoto Dry Tour Waterproof Motorcycle Boot Review

Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide

Choosing the right motorcycle boots may seem a bit overwhelming, there are hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from. Balancing style, protection, and comfort are all part of the process. Knowing what kind of riding you plan on doing and the weather you expect to encounter are other considerations. In this guide we show some examples of different boots you can buy, and what makes them work for different situations. Have a question? Leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction!

Types of boots in the video above:

TCX X-Street Boots

Short Motorcycle Boots / Motorcycle Shoes

Boots in this category are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof, although the waterproofing will only work if you have good waterproof pants on that will not allow any water to come in over the top of the low top boots.  For hot weather, several boots in this category are very well vented.  The main advantage to this style of motorcycle boots is they are quick and easy to put on, and most of them are very comfortable off the bike as well.  These are a great way to stay comfortable on more casual rides around town, or even commuting.  While they certainly have more protection that regular shoes, they aren’t quite as protective as a full motorcycle boot.  Lack of ankle support and shin protection are their main shortcomings.

Biker Boots / Cruiser Boots

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Summer Motorcycle Boots

Looking for a Summer Motorcycle Boot can be a challenge.  The 2013 Summer Boot Buying Guide is here to help you understand the different types of boots that you may want to think about when the warmer weather starts to push in.  In this video, Reuben discusses a few different summer boots in three  different categories;  Summer Sport Boots,  Touring Boots and Waterproof Touring Boots.  Check out the buying guide below!