Customer Review Spotlight – Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season Covers

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Today’s customer review on the  Nelson Rigg Deluxe All Season Covers   

Display Name: Leon VT   VT
Good quality product
Cons: If you’ve got a sport tourer with topcasehard bags-get XX-L
Date Submitted: August 22, 2014
Pros: Good quality product , excellent value

I found the product well designed, good quality and attractive to look at. I purchased the burgundywhite. It sheds water very well. The fit on my bike is a bit tight with top-case and hard bags 1150cc Guzzi Norge. Right on the hairy edge of proper fit so if you’ve got anything like a beemer 1200 sport-tourer or Concourse or FJR 1300, and the like, go with the XX-L if you want the cover to reach the ground for front and rear. I’m happy with mine just the way it is. It does reach the bottom of my hard bags and up front, half way down my front wheel. If I remove the top case, it’ll work even better. At this point, I would highly recommend the product.

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WRR62: Riding the Ducati Streetfighter 848



I have had a chance to ride all kinds of motorcycles over the years, and if you follow along with any regularity, you probably know that the naked sportbike is my favorite category.  Take the performance of a true sport bike, strip away most of the plastic bodywork, get some livable ergos on there and you have a hooligan machine that can handle anything from urban assault rides to all day in the saddle rides or even multi-day trips.  To me, they are just such a good compromise between rider comfort, aggressive looks, and performance that it’s just hard to beat.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice cruiser or a hot lap on a supersport, but my roots are firmly planted in the naked bike category. Continue reading WRR62: Riding the Ducati Streetfighter 848

WRR61: Tips for Riding a Motorcycle at Night

Whether or not you plan on doing much riding at night, it’s important to always be prepared to.  Days don’t always go as we plan them, and you may find yourself caught out after dark from time to time.  On the other hand, riding at night can be very enjoyable and relaxing, so maybe you make it a point to head out after sunset for a little cruise.  Whatever your preference, here are some tips to keep you safe.night 1

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WRR60: Riding Buddies

The fact is, motorcycles bring together people from all walks of life. pic 1

I have made some of my best friends because of our common interest in two wheels. Not everyone views our life on two wheels the same, however. Some enjoy just the feeling of freedom and fresh air they get from a nice relaxing evening cruise. Some want to get out and tear up the streets, while others view motorcycling as a life long sport that must be practiced and perfected. You probably already know what group you would fit in more with.

pic 2Riding with a like minded group of guys (and gals) is a very rewarding experience. You get to share the memories, the laughs, and quite possibly make some of the best friends you’ll have in life thanks to your love of bikes. Conversely, show up to ride with the wrong group, and you might not enjoy yourself all that much. So how do you know what group is right for you?pic 3

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