KISS is the mandate from Wheel Jockey! “Keep It Simple Stupid!”

Everyone can always use an extra hand, with the Wheel Jockey® you will always have one.


Simply a Smart Tool for a helping hand allowing you to easily rotate your ride’s wheels without assistance.

A very simple patented tool called Wheel Jockey® that helps rotate motorcycle wheels for easy cleaning, chain maintenance and lubing the chain, motorcycle tire inspection before rides and even drive-chain inspections.

Seeing the Wheel Jockey® in action, just  roll your motorcycle over the device. That’s It!  You are now able to easily turn your wheels on the ball bearing rollers and Sturdy steel construction of the Wheel Jockey®.

A message from the Industry veteran and owner of Wheel Jockey®, Bill Kniegge, “I was always looking for a better solution to routine chain maintenance. Like most all motorcycles today, my Suzuki did not have a center-stand.  Wheel Jockeys came about as a result of needing a very portable way to check tires and chain without a helper.” Top-notch materials and hardware with very durable finish, Wheel Jockey Sport and Wheel Jockey Big Boy models cover whatever size bike you’re riding.

Two sizes are available:

Wheel Jockey Motorcycle Wheel and Tire Rotator.

Wheel Jockey Wheel Big Boy – Tire Rotator.

PR055. mounted


Check out these Customer Testimonials:

“As a time saving device, WJ couldn’t be simpler…” D. Searle; MCN (Motorcycle Consumer News)

“It was easy to use, and made the job of cleaning and lubing the bikes chain much easier.”
K. Glassman. Cycle Focus Magazine

…in my opinion, the inconvenience & aggravation you won’t have to endure once you have it makes it very worthwhile.
Cycle World Magazine, Paul Dean

“Given that it should withstand many years of regular use and eases the pain of dealing with chains and tires, it’s a tool I highly recommend”– Uwe Wachtendorf, Sr. Editor: Motorcycle Mojo Canada

“I’ve got to take my hat off to you. I immediately tried out the Wheel Jockey and it works exactly as advertised.”
A Vallis, Canada


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