New Aeromoto Leathers – Quality gear that won’t break the bank!

If you are serious about riding motorcycles, you probably either own, or have considered owning some leathers.  Leather is still king when it comes to protection.  You know the saying, I’d rather sweat than bleed?  Well the new Aeromoto Sport Jacket and Corsa Pro pants are both available in solid and perforated versions.  In my experience, perforated leather flows almost as much air as mesh when moving, although I will admit at a stop it can still warm up a bit.  The extra protection is well worth the trade off though, if you ask me.

The other factor that holds back a lot of people from going with leather is the price.  It’s true, leather definitely costs more than textile gear – but it doesn’t have to completely break the bank.  We want you to be able to afford a nice set of leathers while still having some gas money left over.  With the new Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket and Corsa Pro Leather Pants, consider that mission accomplished.

The Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket, along with the Sport Air version, feature 1.2mm leather construction, with 1.3mm leather in the impact areas.  CE armor is found at the elbows and shoulders, while a 10mm foam back pad protects the back.  With it’s multi-panel construction, the Aeromoto Sport Leather jacket looks great but keeps it simple.  A large tooth main zipper closes securely, and the fit is just right.  Not race tight fit, but not baggy in all the wrong places either.  The jackets feature a thermal liner that is removable, which will help to keep you warm during cooler rides.  Zippered front pockets provide  you with a place to stash a few things on the outside, along with a few internal pockets as well.  Two pants connection zippers are included with the Aeromoto Sport Leather Jacket as well.  A short zipper for casual rides, and a long zipper perfect for creating a two piece suit.  The other side of the zipper is included as well so you can attach it to a pair of pants you already own if need be.

If you think these jackets sound nice, wait until you see the pants.  The Aeromoto Corsa Pro Pants and Corsa Air Pants are both made with the same premium 1.2-1.4mm cowhide leather, and come complete with knee armor and knee sliders.  Plenty of stretch material above the knees, down the thighs, and at the back of the waist means you can comfortably move around on the bike for spirited riding all day long.  Together with the jacket they make a fantastic 2 piece suit!  Pick you set up today!  Shop Aeromoto.


Dress for the Crash, Not for the Ride – Motorcycle Gear 101

Motorcycle Gear 101 is an article intended to help you figure out what kind of gear you should be shopping for.  Whether you have never worn gear, or haven’t been on a bike in a long time, motorcycle gear has definitely evolved over the years.  Different kinds of gear serve many different purposes.  These days, there is motorcycle gear for just about any kind of weather or riding style.  Make sure you click the Motorcycle Gear 101 link to learn all about the following types of gear offered here at Competition Accessories!

Leather Race Gear

Textile Gear

Mesh Gear

Motorcycle Jeans

Armored Gear

Cortech Adrenaline Leather One-Piece Suit Review

The Cortech Adrenaline Leather One-Piece Suit is a high quality race suit designed for those who want to get their ‘adrenaline’ pumping! Made from 1.2-1.4mm top grade, drum dyed, cowhide leather, this suit has been made to supply maximum durability. The CE approved shoulder armor and level 1 elbow/knee protectors are height adjustable for customizeed coverage. The supplied armor will give you a great level of protection, but, should you decide to upgrade to something even more impact resistant, the armor is removeable. New TPU molded stainless steel external armor has been placed on the shoulders and elbows for increased protection. Cortech knee sliders are also included in the design.The overall fit of the Cortech Adrenaline Suit has been enhanced with expansion accordion panels over all of the joints for ease of mobility. Heavy-duty stretch Kevlar panels have also been placed on the arms, inseam, and calves for even more ease of movement. With a full leather racing suit, ventilation and airflow is definitely a desireable feature. A mesh lining has been incorporated into the design that runs through the entire suit; a zippered chest pocket has been placed on the liner for storage. The lining is fully removeable and washable. Also, an aerodynamic race profile speed hump with perforated top leather panel and the hollowed out speed hump work to together for increased ventilation. Some comfort features include: rotated sleeves and precurved legs for a performance fit in the riding position, and a new comfort cuff with neoprene stretch panel that can accommodate different wrist sizes. The cuffs also feature spring loaded zippers to eliminate flapping. This Cortech Suit has been triple stitched with high strength, bonded nylon thread. Overall, this is one suit that truly delivers in the areas that matter most, safety, breathability, durability, not to mention, it looks great! You can learn more about the Cortech Adrenaline Leather One-Piece Suit, Cortech gear, and our wide selection of leather racing suit options on our website:!

Rear View

Track Test – New AGVSPORT Imola Race Suit

I recently had the opportunity to do some field testing of the new AGVSPORT Imola 1 piece leather race suit, as well as their new, top of the line GPR Race Gloves. The testing grounds would be a track that was just recently opened up to motorcycles in early 2012, the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (also known as NCBIKE). As the name implies, this is a test facility that is used for automotive development, and several race programs use the facility for developing components and car setup.


For us, it was the perfect place to test some new riding gear. Namely, the all new AGV Sport Imola 1 Piece Suit. What really sets the AGV Sport Imola Suit apart from other race suits is the amount of Teramid Kevlar stretch fabric that is used. Most race suits use a similar fabric at the crotch and at the inner arms, as pure leather doesn’t stretch enough to keep you feeling mobile in the suit. The Imola Suit received an extra serving of this stretch fabric, which extends up the arms and across the upper chest. At the crotch, you have plenty of stretch material that extends down the inner thighs and up across the hips. The fit of the AGVSPORT Imola Race Suit is comparable to other AGVSPORT race suits, but the extra stretch material allows you to move around very freely and reduces the amount of break in time required. I’m 6′ and 220lbs at the time of this test, and a 46 was snug, but just right.

The Imola is constructed with 1.2mm (body) and 1.4mm (impact areas) premiu leather, with perforation in the chest, belly, upper legs, and the front of the arms. The back of the suit is solid leather. Triple and double stitching is used throughout the construction, which gives the suit an overall quality feel. For impact protection, there is CE armor at the shoulders, elbows, and knees; and the 10mm two-stage rubber back protector is CE approved as well. Additional foam padding is found at the tail bone, ribs, shoulders, and hips. External molded shoulder armor is capped with titanium, which gives the suit a pro-level look. Knee sliders are included with the AGV Sport Imola Leather Race Suit, and of course are replaceable when they wear out.

Riding in the AGV Sport Imola race suit I could really feel the air coming through the perforated areas, and the stretch panels allowed for unrestricted movement on and off the bike. The collar and the cuffs are lined with a soft neoprene material, and I had no problem with chafing or discomfort throughout two full days of hard riding at the track. The Imola is available in Black, White/Red, White/Blue, or White/Gun, in sizes 40-52. Make sure to check out all AGV Sport leather race suits on our website at:


And finally, some video from the track:

Alpinestars Men’s Race Replica One-Piece Suit

The Alpinestars Men’s Race Replica One-Piece Suit is made from 1.2-1.4mm premium, full grain leather for excellent abrasion resistance. The suit includes Alpinestars’ exclusive, patented high modulus, thermoplastic external shoulder protection; as well as a unique seamless elbow and arm construction. For knee protection, there is external one piece 90 degree TPU knee and tibia protection. This provides a soft grip area on the inner surface to improve contact with the bike. The knees are also covered by Alpinestars GP knee sliders. The Race Replica One-Piece suit has a Moto GP profile, ventilated back hump for improved aerodynamic and ventilation performance. The Alpinestars Bionic Race Back Protector is CE level 2 certified is supplied with the suit and attaches via a secure snap connection. For air circulation, the ultra-vented, frontal surface area provides maximum airflow. To improve comfort and reduce resistance Alpinestars has incorporated increased stretch Kevlar panels into the suit. The suit liner is 100% anti-bacterial, washable, and has strategically placed soft protection. The collar and cuffs of the Race Replica one-piece are lined with a soft neoprene. The zippers are YKK semi auto lock zippers. Don’t worry about the darker suits attracting heat on those warmer track days; the black and blue suits have been specially treated to reduce heat transfer in hot conditions. Check out the Alpinestars Men’s Race Replica One-Piece Suit, Alpinestars gear, and other racing suit options on our website:!