Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Jacket Review

Mobile Warming is a company that does a great job of making heated motorcycle gear that can not only be used while riding but can also be worn as casual outerwear. The Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Jacket is constructed from breathable, Windshark, soft-shell material. There are three total heating panels on the front and rear of the Silverpeak; two on the chest, and one on the upper back. These panels are lined with steel alloy fiber elements to provide optimum warmth. Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Mens Jackets have a magnet circuit breaker near the zipper closure to shut off the power if the elements are ever damaged. For power, a 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargable lithium-ion battery and charger are included with the Silverpeak; and provides up to 10hours of heat. For fit and adjustability, the jacket has an adjustable waist and hood to provide a custom fit. To learn more about the Mobile Warming Heated Silverpeak Jacket, see more Mobile Warming gear, or our wide variety of heated motorcycle gear go to our website:!

Heated Jacket Liner Comparison

Winter will be here before we know it, and cold weather is never pleasant to ride in. A solution to this problem is making sure that when the temperature drops, you’re riding in heated motorcycle gear. You can get almost any type of heated gear from gloves to pants, etc.; and its a far more effective solution than just layering jackets. Layering outerwear only attempts to trap your body heat between layers; whereas, active heating from a liner provides direct heat sources. In this review we’ll be talking about heated jacket liners. We’ve picked four of our top quality jacket liners; each with varying features and varying price points and compared their qualities. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a heated motorcycle jacket liner that will work for your wallet, and keep you warm as the days get colder.


Veture Heat 12V Heated Jacket Liner



The Venture Heat 12V Heated Jacket Liner is constructed from a lightweight, wind resistant, nylon fabric. The liner is heated by thin micro-alloy heating fibers that have been designed to connect to a 12V DC power source such as your bike battery. The Venture Heat controller is included. Check our website for pricing!




 Mobile Warming Heated Softshell Jackets


The Mobile Warming Heated Softshell Jackets are made from Carboflex 4 way stretch, highly breathable, waterproof fabric. Its integrated stretch panels provide additional flexibility. The Softshell Jacket has bee designed to be worn as either a layering piece, or a stand-alone jacket. A rechargable, lithium-ion battery and charger are included with the jacket. The battery features four, built-in, thermo-regulating controls to adjust to your level of comfort; and also provides up to 10hrs. of heat at the lowest setting. The Heated Softshell Jacket has the ability to reach a max surface temperature of 135 degrees F at full power. Take a look at our website for pricing!



Firstgear Warm & Safe 90 Watt Heated Jacket Liner


The Firstgear Warm & Safe Heated Liner has been designed to be plugged into a DC power source/battery. The 90 watt liner is compatible with large single or twin cylinder bikes; who’s electrical stator outputs will handle the draw of a 90 watt system. Heating pads are located on the front of the jacket, the upper and lower back, as well as the sleeves and collar for overall heat coverage.This liner can be worn over a single layer such as base-gear, t-shirts, or other lightweight garments. However, a protective jacket should always be worn over it.The liner has a lightweight, soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, and a non-coated finish for maximum breathability. The liner has an intentionally snug fit for optimum heat transfer to the body. It’s been built to be temperature neutral so that you can wear the liner all day.Integragted glove and pants plugs have the ability to stow into their own zippered pockets when not in use. Some other convenience features include: stretch panels for flexibility, fleece-lined moisture wicking collar, and easy storage with zippered carrying pouch. The heat controllers for this liner are sold separately. Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. Go to our website to see our competitive deals!


Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners


The Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liner has been designed to operate in all weather conditions while connected to a vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system. The Synergy 2.0 features lightweight, flexible steel fiber heating elements whose low profile supplies warmth without bulk or discomfort. Expanding side panels help to fine tune the fit and increase comfort. A water resistant single or dual rheostat is included with the jacket. Take a look at our pricing on!

Combat Frozen Fingers with Venture’s Heated Glove Liner

The Venture Heated Glove Liner can be worn underneath winter riding gloves. It is recommended that you wear them with larger winter gloves, or gloves that don’t already have a snug fit. If not, the gloves might be too tight. The gloves can be worn with Venture’s Heated Jacket Liner, giving you the option to control the heat settings in the jacket as well as the gloves. If you decide to wear the gloves by themselves, they only have one heat setting. A power lead is included with the gloves, as well as a wiring harness. The harness will go through your jacket, and connect the gloves to your battery. Overall, the Heated Glove Liner is a great way to get some extra warmth to your hands when you’re riding in cooler conditions.



Venture’s Heated Pants Liner

A great way to keep your-self warm while riding in cold conditions is by wearing a heated jacket or pants liner. The Venture Heated Pants Liner is great choice because of its comfort and convenience. They’re very easy to slip on and off, and the side leg zippers allow you to put the liner on over boots. A small pocket is located at the bottom of the leg that contains a connection for heated insoles. These insoles can go inside of your riding boots, and they’re a great way to keep your feet warm while riding. There are heating elements located throughout the liner that are made from micro alloy. The micro alloy is very small and difficult to feel, so the liner is still very lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The waist of the pants liner is a stretchable waist, and the closure is a Velcro flap closure with a top button and a zipper. The Venture Pants Liner can be worn in conjunction with a heated vest or jacket, but they are also able to be worn separately. If you decide to wear the pants with the jacket, there is a plug that will connect the two, allowing you to manage the setting of both the pants and the jacket with just the jacket controller. However, should you decide to wear the pants separately, a digital controller is included with the pants. It has four heat settings (low to max). A power-lead wiring harness is also included with the pants liner that will connect to the 12v battery.  For storage there are a few zippered pockets, and the interior is lined with a soft nylon.