Ladies “Wicked Garden” Collection from Speed & Strength

Ladies, here it is….a cool looking collection of motorcycle gear made specifically for you. The Speed & Strength Wicked Garden Collection is comprised of a full face helmet, a half helmet, a textile vest, mesh/textile gloves and motorcycle riding tennis shoes. Check out the slideshow of pictures, read the brief overview of each piece and then you can check out all the video’s for a more in-depth review.

As far as brain buckets, you have a choice of a full face or a half helmet, depending on which suits your fancy. The full face, Speed & Strength SS1300 Wicked Garden Helmet, comes with an awesome graphic, in two very cool colorways. A bright purple, pink, light blue, white and black design that features venus fly traps with skulls or the more laid back version, which features the same artwork, but is all done in black, white & silver. DOT and ECE approved, this Thermo-Poly Alloy shell is lightweight while being protective. Equipped with several vents, a removable/washable/moisture wicking “Cool Core” liner, the “Lock-n-Load” rapid conversion shield replacement system and a quick release chin strap, you’ll be all set to cruise in comfort and style.

For hot days or those who just prefer a half helmet, you can get the same colorful purple/pink artwork on the Speed & Strength SS300 Wicked Garden Half Helmet. Constructed of the same DOT approved Thermo-Poly Alloy material, you will be protected in this lightweight lid, which comes with a three snap shorty visor, removable ear pads and a double D-ring chin strap.

Speaking of protection, we can also offer you a little of that in the Speed & Strength Wicked Garden Textile/Leather Vest. Now usually you wouldn’t think a vest would offer much protection, but with the removable Vault CE approved spine protector provided in this motorcycle vest, you can get a little protection if you happen to go down. Sporting both textile and leather materials, a soft mesh liner and reflective trim you’ll also stay comfortable while riding. Best of all, this vest offers great adjustability with double velcro straps along the sides and vertical expansion zippers on the lower back to give you some flexibility while in riding position. A few sparkly rhinestones and cute patches top off this great ladies riding vest and as an added bonus the liner zips open so you can get to the inside back to add your own patches.

For summer riding, a nice pair of mesh/textile gloves are great to have, especially if they match the rest of your riding gear. So check out the Speed & Strength Wicked Garden Womens Gloves. The mesh allows you to get some cool air flowing thru them on those warm days and the synthetic palm offers abrasion resistance just in case you need it. A  hook and loop closure keeps them snug on your wrist and not only can you pick from the same two colors that are available on the full face helmet, there’s also a red/grey/white version, in case you want to switch it up a bit.

To top off your matching womens motorcycle gear, lets take a look at something for your feet. Now most ladies like to ride in boots for protection but vendors are starting to realize we like our comfy tennis shoes and with proper construction, they can be just as safe as wearing boots. These cool Speed & Strength Wicked Garden Leather Moto Shoes are high top styled tennis shoes that have integrated internal heel, toe & ankle reinforcements, external PU protectors and toe shift pads. With an anti-slip sole, perforated leather and a strap to hold your laces down, you can be safe as well as comfortable in these great ladies riding shoes.

There you have it ladies, a cool, colorful collection of motorcycle gear made especially with you in mind. Check out all the videos & pictures and let us know what you think.


Aeromoto Track Tech Gloves : Saving You Cash for Lunch on Track Days



Aeromoto Track Tech Gloves have the quality and feel of a more pricey full gauntlet Motorcycle Glove.  These gloves are designed by a newer company,  Aeromoto.  Aeromoto produces top quality motorcycle gear at affordable prices.  Each Track Tech Glove is composed of high quality materials with rider comfort and protection in mind.  Like its short cuff relative,  the Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves,  the Track Tech features:  A full leather construction;  a Knox Scaphoid Protection System;  Carbon Fiber / Finger Protectors with metal accents;  Abrasion Resistant Fabric patches over the pinky finger and thumb;  Double Stitching in key areas;  and Silicone Embossed Reinforcement over the high wear areas at the base of the fingers and inside of the thumbs.  What sets the Track Tech apart from the Road Tech is the Full Gauntlet design with Carbon Fiber Wrist Protectors that are also accented with a stylish metal design.

The Aeromoto Track Tech Glove is extremely comfortable and feels great right out of the package.  These gloves have plenty of protection to hold up against an unfortunate tumble during your weekend track days,  but feel great enough for your everyday commute.  Check out the video review on these gloves below.  If you have any questions about the Track Tech,  the Road Tech,  or anything motorcycle related,  let us know.  We are here to help!

Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves : Outstanding Protection, Feel and Quality


Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves are crafted with top quality materials for a refined look and feel that many Motorcycle Gloves in it’s price range won’t be able to match.  These gloves feature a Genuine Leather Construction,  the Knox Scaphoid Protection System,  Carbon Fiber Knuckle / Finger Protectors with metal accents,  Abrasion Resistant Fabric patches over the pinky finger and thumb,  Double Stitching in key areas,  and Silicone Embossed Reinforcement over the high wear areas at the base of the fingers and inside of the thumbs.  The Road Tech Gloves are similar to the Aeromoto Track Tech Gloves,  although,  the Road Tech Gloves have a short gauntlet style wrist strap,  while the Track Tech has a full gauntlet design.  Also,  with the Track Tech Gloves you gain a bit more wrist protection with Carbon Fiber and Metal accents on both sides of the wrist for track ready protection.  If you are looking for a glove with nice protection and a great style but without the full gauntlet feel,  the Roach Tech Gloves are a great choice.

These Short Cuff Leather Gloves have a very soft feel making them extremely comfortable to wear.  What’s great is,  not only are they comfortable,  they have a solid amount of protection.  Unlike some gloves,  the knuckle protector on this Aeromoto glove is very comfortable and doesn’t dig into your knuckles.  I have very bony knuckles and I find that these gloves have plenty of patting between the Carbon Fiber and your knuckles to keep your hands comfortable even when gripping the throttle.  They fit to size and require little to no break in time.  Check out our video review of these Aeromoto Road Tech Gloves below.  If you have any questions about these gloves,  the Track Tech Gloves or any other motorcycle accessory then drop us a line.  We are here to help.

Cortech GX Air 3 Gloves – Cool & Protective for Summer

Allowing great airflow for summer riding, the Cortech GX Air 3 Gloves also offer great protection. Constructed of breathable Armor Link III Mesh and soft goatskin leather, the perforations along the palm and between the fingers allow additional air flow to keep your hands nice and cool on those hot riding days.

For protection the Cortech GX Air 3 Gloves are equipped with TPR finger and knuckle guards to provide abrasion resistance while articulated foam padding in the palms, knuckles and along the wrist offer additional impact resistance. Check out our video review to get an in depth look at these great riding gloves and if you’re looking to get fully suited up, check out the matching Cortech GX Sport Air 3 Jacket and the Cortech GX Sport Pants.


Speed & Strength Trial By Fire Gloves

If you’re looking for a protective leather-mesh summer motorcycle glove, then the Speed & Strength Trial By Fire Gloves might be the ticket. Available in four colors – Red, Blue, White and Black – you can pick which matches your bike or personality.

The leather construction throughout the palm and part of the back of the hand give you the durability and protection you need. A reinforced palm, in the critical areas of the Speed & Strength Trial By Fire Gloves, provides double protection in vital spots along the wrist & side of the hand.  Plus the TPR finger protectors and Thermoplastic knuckle protectors give you top of the line safety for your hands. Combine that with the mesh material along the back of the hands and the spandex in between the fingers and you get the airflow you want for those warm summer rides. A great riding glove for summertime, check out the video below to get a better in depth look at these great Speed & Strength Gloves.