6 Reasons You Need a Communicator

Here are 6 good reasons you should incorporate a motorcycle communication system into your riding this season:

For The Fun of It

One of the best unexpected benefits of my communicator was how much fun it was while riding with a group of your friends. Adding the SENA communicators to our rides apparently installed a comedy club in my helmet. Some of our best stories have come from jokes we told while in the moment. You do have to be careful though. We have nearly had to pull over more than once because we were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes! Continue reading 6 Reasons You Need a Communicator

3/4 Length Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide


Who should consider 3/4 length jackets? What advantages do they have over standard length jackets, and which one is best? In this video we will help you narrow down your next jacket purchase. http://www.compacc.com/Motorcycle-Jackets


Dress for the Crash, Not for the Ride – Motorcycle Gear 101

Motorcycle Gear 101 is an article intended to help you figure out what kind of gear you should be shopping for.  Whether you have never worn gear, or haven’t been on a bike in a long time, motorcycle gear has definitely evolved over the years.  Different kinds of gear serve many different purposes.  These days, there is motorcycle gear for just about any kind of weather or riding style.  Make sure you click the Motorcycle Gear 101 link to learn all about the following types of gear offered here at Competition Accessories!

Leather Race Gear

Textile Gear

Mesh Gear

Motorcycle Jeans

Armored Gear

For Chilly Riding – Tourmaster Cold-Tex 2.0 Gloves for Men & Women

Whether you’re riding a motorcycle or a snowmobile, if it’s cold out, waterproof, warm gloves are a must and the Tourmaster Cold-Tex 2.0 Gloves for Men & Women can keep your fingers toasty and working.


Constructed of a tough 600 denier polyester that not only has padded knuckles for protection, but is filled with 200 gram DuPont Thermolite® Plus insulation to keep your hands warm. They have a soft fleece lining for comfort and a waterproof, breathable barrier to keep your hands dry too.  With a leather goatskin palm that incorporates a padded patch for vibration reduction, the Tourmaster Cold-Tex 2.0 Gloves will also give you great abrasion resistance. For durability, they have a leather throttle guard between the thumb and index finger, so they will hold up to all the miles you ride in them. An elastic wrist band along with an adjustable gauntlet closure will keep them snug and keep the cold out.

The Tourmaster Cold-Tex 2.0 Womens Gloves come in sizes small, medium and large while the mens are available from an XS – 2XL. So if you enjoy riding, even if it’s chilly out or your toy of choice is a snowmobile, these Tourmaster Gloves can keep your hands warm and dry for all your outdoor activities.

EVS Sport Vest Protectors Review

The EVS Sport Vest Protector is a great option if you’re looking for a low profile vest that you can wear under or over your riding apparel. Available in Black and the ever popular Hi-Viz Yellow, for added safety, they will cover your spine and sternum while riding.









Continue reading EVS Sport Vest Protectors Review