Customer Review Spotlight – Fly Racing Barricade Body Armor Suit Long Sleeve Jacket

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Today’s customer review on the Fly Racing Barricade Body Armor Suit








Display Name:JC in NC
Title: Excellent upper body suit
Cons: Wrists are a bit too small
Date Submitted: July 15, 2014
Pros:  Protective, breathable, stays in place, pricing


Fly Racing makes some great offroad gear with most, if not all, of the features you want and at a price the average Joe can afford. This suit fits great and provides all the right armor in all the right places. When in place the suit doesn’t shift, but still allows all of the dexterity you need on a bike. The mesh fabric allows air to flow right on through, which is welcome on these nasty summer days in NC. This suit will work under a street jacket too. I bought this for my son and the only sizing con is the wrists are a bit small. That’s an easy fix though, so 5 stars. I’ve got an Impact Rigg SE suit and I find this Fly Barricade to be just as good at a lower entry price.

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