Happy Veterans Day 2012!

Today we take the time to recognize and honor the brave men and women who defend and have defended our country. It was first proclaimed as Armistice Day in November 1919 by President Wilson. It was later made a legal holiday on October 8, 1938 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who issued the first Veterans’ Day Proclamation, officially making it Veterans Day. We here at Competition Accessories would like to personally thank each and every veteran! Swing by our website and check out our special Veterans Day sale!

Bluetooth Communications Comparison

When you’re on a group ride, or even just riding two up, its convenient to have a means of easy communication. This is where motorcycle communcation devices come in. Most of these devices have the abilty to function as not only an intercom, but as a bluetooth stereo headset for MP3 players, GPS systems, and cell phones. We’ve recently taken three of these headsets and reviewed their overall efficiency and productivity. The three that we chose to review were the Cardo Scala Rider G9, the Sena SMH-10, and the Interphone Wireless F5. Check out the full written review on our website here: Motorcycle Bluetooth Communications Comparison

Heated Jacket Liner Comparison

Winter will be here before we know it, and cold weather is never pleasant to ride in. A solution to this problem is making sure that when the temperature drops, you’re riding in heated motorcycle gear. You can get almost any type of heated gear from gloves to pants, etc.; and its a far more effective solution than just layering jackets. Layering outerwear only attempts to trap your body heat between layers; whereas, active heating from a liner provides direct heat sources. In this review we’ll be talking about heated jacket liners. We’ve picked four of our top quality jacket liners; each with varying features and varying price points and compared their qualities. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find a heated motorcycle jacket liner that will work for your wallet, and keep you warm as the days get colder.


Veture Heat 12V Heated Jacket Liner



The Venture Heat 12V Heated Jacket Liner is constructed from a lightweight, wind resistant, nylon fabric. The liner is heated by thin micro-alloy heating fibers that have been designed to connect to a 12V DC power source such as your bike battery. The Venture Heat controller is included. Check our website for pricing!




 Mobile Warming Heated Softshell Jackets


The Mobile Warming Heated Softshell Jackets are made from Carboflex 4 way stretch, highly breathable, waterproof fabric. Its integrated stretch panels provide additional flexibility. The Softshell Jacket has bee designed to be worn as either a layering piece, or a stand-alone jacket. A rechargable, lithium-ion battery and charger are included with the jacket. The battery features four, built-in, thermo-regulating controls to adjust to your level of comfort; and also provides up to 10hrs. of heat at the lowest setting. The Heated Softshell Jacket has the ability to reach a max surface temperature of 135 degrees F at full power. Take a look at our website for pricing!



Firstgear Warm & Safe 90 Watt Heated Jacket Liner


The Firstgear Warm & Safe Heated Liner has been designed to be plugged into a DC power source/battery. The 90 watt liner is compatible with large single or twin cylinder bikes; who’s electrical stator outputs will handle the draw of a 90 watt system. Heating pads are located on the front of the jacket, the upper and lower back, as well as the sleeves and collar for overall heat coverage.This liner can be worn over a single layer such as base-gear, t-shirts, or other lightweight garments. However, a protective jacket should always be worn over it.The liner has a lightweight, soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, and a non-coated finish for maximum breathability. The liner has an intentionally snug fit for optimum heat transfer to the body. It’s been built to be temperature neutral so that you can wear the liner all day.Integragted glove and pants plugs have the ability to stow into their own zippered pockets when not in use. Some other convenience features include: stretch panels for flexibility, fleece-lined moisture wicking collar, and easy storage with zippered carrying pouch. The heat controllers for this liner are sold separately. Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. Go to our website to see our competitive deals!


Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liners


The Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Jacket Liner has been designed to operate in all weather conditions while connected to a vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system. The Synergy 2.0 features lightweight, flexible steel fiber heating elements whose low profile supplies warmth without bulk or discomfort. Expanding side panels help to fine tune the fit and increase comfort. A water resistant single or dual rheostat is included with the jacket. Take a look at our pricing on CompetitionAccessories.com!

Waterproof Gear! Sliders Quest 4 Jacket and Pants

The Sliders Quest 4 is a jacket and pants set made with a waterproof 600 denier polyester outer shell and genuine Dupont Kevlar. The Sliders Quest 4 jackets and pants are a great value that rival competitors and still maintain the same features you would want to find in quality touring gear. Let’s talk about the jacket first. The outer shell of the Sliders Quest 4 Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket is a nylon-poly waterproof shell.  The Sliders Quest 4 does not have a built in waterproof liner, which reduces bulk, and allows ventilation to reach your skin without being hindered by a mid-liner.  If you’re riding in colder conditions, the Quest 4 jacket comes with a removable, fully sleeved, thermal liner. The jacket has an extensive ventilation system; the front of the torso has two 9 inch zippered vents, as well as zippered vents at the shoulders and sleeves to take in cool air. The shoulder vents have a shock cord opening system, which consists of small bungee cords that can be attached to the jacket by snaps, holding the vent open to create an “air scoop.”  This scoop will force air directly to your skin. There are two horizontal exhaust vents on the back of the jacket as well as two zippered vents under the arms to release warm air. For protection, all Sliders Kevlar Motorcycle Jackets have incorporated Kevlar in the impact areas for premium abrasion resistance, and the Quest 4 is no exception. There is CE approved armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back.


The Quest 4 jacket has plenty of storage areas. There are chest pockets on the upper torso sealed with waterproof zippers and internal organizer pockets. There are hand warmer pockets hidden behind two lower pockets with an envelope style closure. There is also an internal document pocket and a storage pouch on the lower back, perfect for storing larger items or the jacket liner. One unique storage area is the stats pocket on the left forearm. Convenient for storing smaller items such as your keys or credit card, this pocket also features a red stitched star. This star is the internationally known “Star of Life” symbol. In the event of an accident or crash, trained medical professionals will know to look there for your medical stats (allergies, blood type, etc.). The rider can put their medical info on a card and keep it in that pocket just in case of emergencies. The Quest 4 Jacket has several size adjustments to give you the best custom fit. There are waist straps, three position sleeve take ups, and adjustable wrist closures. There are also expansion panels on the sides of the jacket and stretch panels behind the shoulders to prevent binding and give you a broad range of motion. For nighttime visibility, the Quest 4 has silver phoslite reflective piping and Sliders’ “reflective safety badges.”  The jacket also comes in an eye-catching Hi-Viz yellow option which is sure to get you noticed. The Quest 4 jacket has a one year warranty and is available in both regular and tall sizes.   The Sliders Quest 3 Kevlar Motorcycle Pants have some of the same features as the jacket. They are also made of a waterproof 600 denier polyester, and have incorporated Kevlar on the impact areas. The Quest 4 pants have a removable, thermal taffeta liner that can be installed easily for riding in colder conditions. For ventilation, there are thigh vents with zippered closures. These vents have the same shock cord opening system as the jacket, giving you maximum air flow. There are also zippered front pockets and rear pockets that double as exhaust vents. For comfort, there is plenty of stretch in the waist of the pants, as well as waist adjustment straps to either tighten or loosen the fit. The Quest 4 Pants have side leg zippers on the shell of the pants and the liner; making it easy to take them on or off. This is a beneficial feature if you’re wearing riding boots. These Sliders Kevlar Motorcycle Pants have some great protection features that are going to provide you with the best safety coverage. There is CE approved knee armor with three position height adjustment, as well as removable internal foam hip padding, and additional permanent padding for the hips and lower back. For nighttime visibility, there is phoslite reflective piping at the rear of the pant, the thighs and knees, plus a reflective panel on the lower leg. As an added convenience feature, there is a jacket connection zipper that works with all Sliders jackets. To connect to other jacket brands, there is a sewn-in side attachment.  Like the Quest 4 Jacket, The pants also have a one year warranty. Be sure to also check out the Sliders Kevlar Textile Quest 2.0 Pants! As previously stated, the Sliders Quest 4 Jacket comes in either Hi-Viz yellow, or silver. The Pants come in black or silver. The Sliders Quest 4 Jacket and Pants Set is a great buy which are now available at closeout prices!  The jacket and pants are sold separately. Check out the Quest 4 set and other Sliders Kevlar Motorcycle Gear on our website: CompetitionAccessories.com!